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WinZO SuperStar is a Partnership program by WinZO Gold app. You have to register yourself as WinZO superstar to start earning. You will earn money by inviting users to the WinZO app. Below, I’ve explained everything that you need to know to get started.

Free Fire is an all-time one of the best multiplayer battle royale games and developed by 111 Dots Studio for iOS and Android devices. The free fire became the most downloaded game in 2020. In this article, we will share with you all the working and latest Free fire redeem codes or FF redeem codes that can be used to get exclusive in-game rewards.

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These ff redeem codes can be also used to get premium stuff like skins, characters, outfits, and in rare cases, there are players who have got even diamonds. So it depends on your luck which item you will get. Many of the free-fire players also search for redeeming codes who could not afford diamonds. You can also earn diamonds from the google store gift cards which can be further used to buy diamonds.

Talking in-general, free fire redeem codes can be only redeemed by a few hundred or thousands of players, so if you seriously want to get some free diamonds in your hands then you must to pro-active in their social media handles or you can use our website for so. We list all the latest and updated free fire redeem codes that are gathered by different sources for you.

What is a FF Redeem Code?

Now there are players who don’t know about the redeem codes. Redeem codes are 12 digit alpha-numeric codes that can be used to get exclusive in-game rewards and they are released by the Garena official social media handles from different countries for players who couldn’t afford to buy diamonds or the premium outfits, skins, and other.

There are streams and huge players who get access to new codes after a new event. To get a redeem code you have to be active and constantly look into their social media handles like Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, any other platforms as well.

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Free Fire Latest Redeem Codes 2021

For quick access, you can even download our official app on the google play store. Currently, we have only the Android version of the app, the iOS version will be soon launched!

We updated this page last on 18 March, don’t forget to bookmark this page for offline and quick access!

Free Fire Diamonds Codes List 2021

So here are the updated redeem codes to top-up diamonds code, we could find only these redeem codes that are working so redeem them as soon as you find them. If you see a message that the code has expired then subscribe our your newsletter and turn on the notification to get updated as soon as new codes are released.

  • 842288922356

How to Use the Redeem Codes to Get Rewards?

  1. Visit the official Garena free fire redemption code center,
  2. Login to your free fire account using the following methods such as Google, VK, Facebook, and Huawei.
  3. Now paste the 12 digits redeem code and click on ‘Confirm’.
  4. Your reward will be automatically credited you your account and now you can enjoy valuable resources and rewards.

Few Things to Note:

  • The redemption code has 12 characters, consisting of capital letters and numbers.
  • Item rewards are shown in the vault tab in-game lobby; Golds or diamonds will add to the account wallet automatically.
  • Please note the redemption expiration date. Any expired codes cannot be redeemed.
  • Please contact customer service if you encountered any issues.
  • Item rewards are shown in the vault tab in-game lobby
  • Golds or diamonds will add to the account wallet automatically.
  • Reminder: you will not be able to redeem your rewards with guest accounts. You may bind your account to Facebook or VK in order to receive the rewards.

Do Free Fire Diamond Generator Works?

A big NO, the free diamond generators don’t work nearly as well. They are just a piece of scripts designed as generators, they do nothing but pretends to process something and at the last, you will end up doing annoying surveys. I highly recommend you not to try any generators and stay away from them. If you want to get diamonds then you can use the free fire diamonds code and redeem codes but these generators won’t help you.

More Ways to Get Free Fire Diamonds?

I hope you have a reward in your account, now on the internet, there are free fire diamonds generators claiming to give hundred and thousand of diamonds for free after you do a survey. But the reality is that all the generators are scam and does not work. They just make you do surveys and you will end up getting advertisements. So we recommend not fall into trap of something like this.

Using Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Reward is a reward-based program developed by Google. You will get rewards when you complete surveys or answer the question that is frequently asked. A lot of people are using this method to get a google play card and use it to buy diamonds and other stuff. You can also use this method to earn some good money.

From Earning Apps

There are many earning apps such as Winzo, MPL, Loco, and Querak that are based on different rewards earning models including but not limited to refer and earn. You can also earn credits by playing games and challenging others. The best part about these earning apps that the amount earned can be directly transferred through Paytm or your bank account and you use that amount to buy diamonds or elite passes.

Some Free Fire Tips and Tricks

Garena’s Free Fire is a popular Battle Royale mobile-based games today. It released back in 2017. Although the game is a traditional Battle Royale mobile game, it has managed to retain a good fanbase by holding the players on edge through its fantastic game plan and excellent graphics and sound.

The game proceeds with fifty players let out in a remote location. These players have to find their ways to survive. They must hunt for gears and weapons and protect themselves from all dangers. The player that last remains wins the battle.

Here are a few free fire tips and tricks to make the gaming experience more exciting for you.

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Know when to loot

You must know when to loot. Another more accessible approach to this is to know when ‘not to loot.’ Avoid raiding in an open region. It will help you from being an easy target. Your opponents can easily target you if you are carrying out your loot in the open. Although, try moving your monologue sideways to avoid headshots.

Sneak attack is the go-to

Being alert is the key! Always listen out to footsteps. Footsteps may indicate that a squad is present within your vicinity. Move as quietly as possible by using the medkit button. You can easily combat the squad.

Hop onto a vehicle if you find one

If you find a vehicle at any point in your game, hop onto it. Make sure that it is not a bike as bikes easily give you away to your enemies. A covered vehicle gives you more advantage. You can drive over your opponents. A fully covered vehicle helps you get into the safety zone quickly while your teammates can shoot your enemies.

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Winzo Money Earning App

About settings and sensitivity

Your in-game reaction time depends on the sensitivity settings. Therefore, it is advised that you understand your comfort zone when it comes to sensitivity. Remember, every layer has a different preference. Hence, copying someone else’s sensitivity can be troublesome.

Learn to snipe

Close up encounters come with the risk of sacrificing a teammate. The best way to avoid this is to become a pro at sniping. Sniping helps you aim from a distance. However, some practice is all that you need to become a pro at it.

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The Gloo wall

If you are a beginner at free Fire, you must understand the Gloo wall. It is a portable wall that gives you temporary protection from your enemies. You can deploy Gloo walls as many times as you want, provided you have the necessary items to construct them. These walls can’t be entirely penetrated by bullets but can get destroyed.

The final takeaway

The entire gaming experience depends on the player’s ability and skillsets. Although there are various weapons available, it all depends on how and when the player uses them. Another major thing is the settings and adjustments. All this also decides the game’s duration, which varies from 15 to 25 minutes, depending on its performance.

Final Words

I hope you like the article, share with your free fire friends and tell them about the redeem codes, how to use redeem codes, and more ways to earn diamonds and elite pass for free. Bookmark this page to get access to the latest and new to redeem codes as soon as they are released and never miss any new reward from free fire.

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