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Play Willy Wonka free slot and get transported to the infamous Chocolate factory. WMS Gaming is the developer of this irresistible slot, inspired by the 1971 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie and featuring songs and scores from the film. This slot is similar to Kingdom Of The Titans.

The 5-reel slot offers 40 pay line options with chocolates, Ooompa Loompas, and the infamous Willy Wonka symbols. Some of the movie’s iconic clips are also included in the game, which features exciting extras as well.

There is also a 3-reel version that was released in Vegas casinos in 2013 and has an accompanying mobile version. Zynga also offers a similar mobile-based App available on iOS and Android devices.

Eligibility to Play Willy Wonka Slot

If you watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, you would want to play this free slot filled with adventure and theatrics. Punters will love this themed game because it is mood uplifting and it gives that inducing feeling of wanting to know what more is in store. It is available in land-based casinos with Bluebird 2 slot machines.

Jackpot Amounts

If you aren’t sold already, picture winning the legendary golden ticket just like in the 1971 movie; but only this time it comes with a massive $5,000 payout! The ticket, just like in the movie, hidden in Wonka bars, and lucky bettors who find it end up cashing out big. That should make you want to play this free online slot machine video.

Chances of winning the $5,000 payout increase if the jackpot from the extra round. There is also an Oompa Loompa increment feature, which is more frequent than extras. With more Oompa Loompas on the pay lines, come free surprise bonuses, unpaid spins, and wild tiles.

Now the most rewarding jackpot offered is the magical boat ride down Chocolate River, which comes with the bonus feature. Unpaid revolutions dubbed ‘Wonkavators’ select the bonus feature, which is motion-enabled to enhance the fun.

Level Progression

The standard reel spinning and symbol matching gameplay is applied to Willy Wonka, with great bonuses and surprises included. The game design features levels and reaching set target points is required to progress subsequently.

The points required increase with each level and this, in turn, means that players have to raise their bets for faster progression. Coin master spin gratis tpu.

Stakes range from $0.01 on the minimum and as much as 400 coins on the maximum per line. It isn’t uncommon to hit big wins with minimum bets.

Why Punters Love This Gamble

Some of the reasons why the gamble is a crowd puller on the casino floor include:

  • The innovative movement chair technology, which is activated during the bonus boat ride down Chocolate River. The chair moves in backward and forward motions mimicking real lifeboat riding experience.
  • It is presented with advanced graphics offering superior image quality and wonderfully brings out the colorful thematic displays.
  • The CPU-NTX3 enhanced audio quality is yet another seller coupled with the console’s synchronized motion and lighting capabilities.
  • 9 exclusive bonuses are offered to increase a bettor’s chances at winning the jackpot.

Highly Rated Symbols

The 3D Slot game elevator symbols could be the most profitable symbols because they trigger the bonus rounds. The elevators also help to trigger extra turns, if the symbol hits the ‘Spins” sign that has Willy Wonka slot machine. The elevator symbol also determines the type of bonus players get. Bonus Opportunities

With 9 unique themed bonus features at hand, it’s easy to get completely lost in this magical gaming world. Matching three elevators on the screen activates the Wonkavator, and free spins select your bonus. Some of the main bonuses include:

Willy Wonka App
  • Free Spins. If the elevator lands on the “spins” icon you are awarded unpaid spins. This feature sees Grandpa Joe and Willy Wonka icons replacing multiple icons that are on the reels. Picking sweets determines the number of spins you get.
  • Gobstopper. Once again three elevators activate it, and after the Wonkavator selects it, you’ll get the chance to pick Gobstoppers (candy) using the touch screen. They will either explode or result in a reward.
  • Chocolate River Boat-Ride. This is one of the best features because it works in hand with the motion chair technology and gives punters a real life experience of going down a river. The boat-ride has players going down Chocolate River, which is lined up with treats and rewards to collect.
  • Golden Ticket. This feature is activated when bettors make 1,500 credits with free spins. A punter then has to select a Wonka bar displayed on the screen of the slot machine game for a chance to win the lucky Golden Ticket that comes with a $5,000 payout.

If you frequently visit the Vegas casinos, chances you have come across Willy Wonka slots, but every punter should try their hand at this enthrallingly themed video. Offering 9 attractive bonuses, an engaging storyline, and the Grand Golden Ticket jackpot, this is a must-try casino game.

Whose got a golden ticket?

David Klein, one of the original inventors of Jelly Belly jelly beans, is pulling a Willy Wonka. What, exactly, does that mean, you ask? Well, the short answer is Klein is launching a nationwide treasure hunt. The winner will be given one of his candy factories—just like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


In order to participate in the treasure hunt, you must pay a $49.99 entrance fee. There will be a treasure hunt in every state and only 1,000 tickets will be sold per state. Anyone who purchases an entry ticket will eligible to win Klein's candy factory.

Participants must also have a Facebook account as that's where much of the game's requirements will be shared. According to Klein's website, each state will have a designated Facebook group. When the treasure hunt stats, each group will receive a riddle that must be solved. The riddle will lead to a 'gold ticket' in the form of a necklace with a tag that contains a code you will use to verify your find. There will only be one tag per state. The winner from every state will then qualify for the 'Ultimate Treasure Hunt,' which will result in the winner being gifted their very own candy factory.

Klein, unsurprisingly, was inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when creating his own treasure hunt. According to CNN, Klein has been interested in giving away one of his factories Wonka-style since the 1970s. 'The world needs something positive to get their minds off their problems,' Klein said. 'It's on my bucket list. Now, we are finally doing it, and we're hoping to bring some joy into the world right now.'

Willy Wonka Apple Crunch Grapes

The ultimate prize is full ownership of a candy factory and a candy making course at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as well as an offer from Klein—if needed, he will help the winner launch their very own candy company. Will you be participating?

Willy Wonka Appearance Description

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