Wheel Of Fortune 10000 Giveaway

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  1. A “Wheel of Fortune” contestant lost almost $10,000 because she said the word “and.”. The incident happened this week during a crossword game that requires contestants to list each word.
  2. Celebrity Wheel of Fortune Giveaway Puzzle Solution In order to participate in the Wheel of fortune Celebrity Giveaway you will need Celebrity Wheel of Fortune Giveaway Puzzle Solution / Answer for a chance to win $10,000 cash prize.
  3. Watch Wheel on Thursday night at 8PM on ABC, March 4th, and write down the solutions to both of the Celebrity Wheel of Fortune $10,000 Giveaway puzzles, which appear in round two of each game.
  4. You could win $10,000 with your SPIN ID! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Void where prohibited. Open to permanent legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia and Canada (excluding Quebec), of the age of majority or older in the entrant’s state/province as of 2/1/21.
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A lot of us would love the chance to compete on the legendary game show Wheel of Fortune, and winning lots of cash or an awesome trip would really be the icing on the cake. After all, walking away from the experience with winnings is the object of the game, but what if winning Wheel of Fortune wasn't everything it seemed.

For starters, just doing well on the show is a bit of a challenge. It's one thing to be able to shout out all the answers from the comfort of your favorite chair at home, but actually doing so on live TV is a whole other beast. Former executive producer Harry Friedman told San Francisco's ABC7 that half the battle includes being the type of person who already likes to solve problems and puzzles.

Host Pat Sajak added that success on the show really rests with a contestant's approach. 'The trick is just treat it as a fun experience .. it doesn't hurt to watch a show occasionally because there are strategies involved.' And so if one can do all that, and actually win cash, a car, or a trip, what of the victor's spoils. How much do winning contestants get to actually keep?

Wheel of Fortune winnings are taxed

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Many of the prizes on Wheel of Fortune seem almost too good to be true. Contestants regularly win enormous sums of money, expensive cars, and trips around the world. It turns out that there is a reason the prizes might feel unrealistic: winners end up paying taxes on everything they take home from their TV experience.

When you win big on the show, the IRS treats the price tag of your winnings just like income: You're taxed in a big way. CinemaBlend explored the case of Wheel of Fortune winner Matt McMahan, who walked away with over $16,000 in cash and two trips worth more than $15,000. The show does allow winners to find less expensive versions of their trips to avoid a higher tax hit. McMahan took this option, ending up with trips for $10,000.

Once the taxes were paid out, McMahan estimates he walked away from Wheel of Fortune with about $6,000 out of over $30,000 in prizes. It really makes you think. When speaking to MarketWatch, he did say that the trips were worth it, saying that even with all the strings attached, 'experiences are worth more than money right now.'

Eligibility, Who can Enter ?

Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune Giveaway

The Celebrity Wheel of Fortune $10,000 Giveaway is open only to permanent legal residents of the fifty (50) states of the U.S., or D.C. (excluding Guam, Puerto Rico and all other U.S. territories and possessions), and who are currently physically located and residing therein.


The Celebrity Wheel of Fortune $10,000 Giveaway ends at 2:59:59 p.m. PT on February 27.

How to Enter ?

To enter a given individual sweepstakes, an entrant must first be a member of the Wheel Watchers Clubthen visit wheeloffortune.com/win/celebrity-giveaway to enter.

If you are not a registered Wheel Watchers Club member, you can register for free by accessing wheeloffortune.com/wheel-watchers/register and following the online instructions to join the Wheel Watchers Club.

Once you have signed up for the Wheel Watchers Club or if you are already an existing member, and you are logged in, you can access the Website and click on the Sweepstakes icon or text link to access the Sweepstakes entry page which will be pre-populated with your Wheel Watchers Club Registration Information.

Wheel of fortune 10000 giveaway answers

Then, complete and thereafter submit the Celebrity Wheel of Fortune $10,000 Giveaway Puzzle from the corresponding episode of the Show. Entrants will receive one (1) Sweepstakes Entry into the Sweepstakes if they provide the correct Celebrity Wheel of Fortune $10,000 Giveaway Puzzle from the episode of the Show corresponding to that individual sweepstakes.

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Limit one (1) Sweepstakes Entry per person/email address per day Show.


Sixteen (16) individual sweepstakes prizes (one (1) prize for each individual sweepstakes) will be awarded.

Each individual sweepstakes prize consists of $10,000 awarded in the form of a check made out in the name of each winner.

One (1) Overall Prize (one (1) winner from among the sixteen (16) individual sweepstakes prize winners): The overall prize consists of:

  • One (1) Wheel of Fortune bathrobe (approximate retail value “ARV”: $80)
  • One (1) Wheel of Fortune blanket (ARV $50)
  • One (1) Wheel of Fortune Sheldon bobble head (ARV: $20)
  • One (1) Wheel of Fortune baseball cap (ARV: $20)
  • One (1) Wheel of Fortune aluminum water bottle (ARV: $10)
  • One (1) Wheel of Fortune travel mug (ARV: $10)
  • One (1) Wheel of Fortune playing cards deck (ARV: $5)
  • One (1) Wheel of Fortune grocery tote (ARV: $5)
  • One (1) Wheel of Fortune flashlight key ring (ARV: $4)
  • One (1) Wheel of Fortune pen (ARV: $2)

ARV of the overall prize: $206.00.

Wheel Of Fortune 10000 Giveaway

Total ARV of all prizes: $160,206.00.