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Specialty Outdoor Products LLC manufactures the Ultimate Gun and Bow Sling, as seen on TV. THE BEST SLINGS MADE manufactured in AMERICA using thermoplastic and comes with Lifetime Guarantee. The Ultimate Fire Link slot machine by Bally ‎- China Street edition - $20 High Limit bet! Ultimate Fire Link is a great game, incorporating the hugely popular 'Hold & Respin' feature, now called the 'Fire Link Feature' made popular by Lightning Link and Lock It Link, but adding an additional feature which allows for reel expansion as you land fireballs, VERY COOL! The best made smokers & grills, rubs & sauces, gear, outdoor furniture and gear for outdoor kitchens. Shop American made grills, smokers, sauces and rubs. The Ultimate Fire Link ® series showcases fast-paced, progressive games that give players a heart-pounding slot experience. They are built around an action-packed bonus mechanic, the Fire Link Feature ® which is a lock-and-spin feature that builds anticipation and breathtaking excitement with every fireball that lands on the reels.

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  • Super Bright 300 Lumens (Max Output) LED Producing An Intense Beam of Light up to 600 feet
  • Intelligent, High / Low / Strobe Modes Means You Will be Ready For Anything That Comes Your Way.
  • Runs Off a Single AA Battery or a 14500 Rechargeable (not included) & gives hours of use.
  • Heavy Duty, Compact and Tough as Nails makes the J5 tactical V1-PRO the perfect for Hunting, Camping
  • Official Flashlight of Joe Gibbs Racing and the Number 19 ARRIS Toyota Camry driven by Carl Edwards


Color: Black
Reflector: Convex Lens
Model of LED: J5 LED
Battery: 1 * AA / 1 * 14500 3.7v Battery (not included)
Weight: 65g

Another excellent Oregon outdoor experience video with the SilverFire Scout, this work was unsolicited and produced by Dereck Traeger of Traeger Media! Nice work Derek! Contact: Derek at (503) 428-1975 http://traegermedia.com


The COVID-19 virus is deactivated at 145 degrees after 5 minutes with just a few twigs. All of our stoves are good options to sanitize water, food, or to clean masks, cookware, and other home items! Be Well! Explore our Website! New Cookware, Solar Cookers & more! SilverFire, the home of clean secondary combustion!

Stove Comparison Chart

SilverFire Portable Stove Options:

SilverFire Recreation or Emergency Off-Grid Cooking Products!

Gourmet Home Cooking or Disaster Preparedness!

In an Emergency Sanitizing Water, Preparing Meals, and Access to Hot Water to Clean Becomes Your Real Priority!

Mother Earth Provides Free Fuel! Why Buy Fuel?

Sales: 541 222-9212 / Warehouse 541 485-7114 Pacific Time

  1. Enjoy exploring the largest selection of off-grid cooking products and more!

Firefighter Jobs

Large packages over 75 lb., require truck freight quotes.

The online shopping cart is for Continental USA orders only.

AK, HI, PR, & International orders require quotes, the additional shipping is processed offline.

International orders are subject to International shipping fees (payment instructions emailed with quote).

    SilverFire’s mission as a leading designer of clean cook stoves is to protect humans from the health and environmental impact of emissions from open fires, inefficient cook stove designs and the destruction of forests, due to charcoal production and inefficient fuel use. SilverFire is headquartered in Eugene, Oregon. Our humanitarian stove program is structured on a direct FOB unit stove cost for developing World locations. This price schedule is not applicable for developed World markets. Please contact us at [email protected] for pricing and the scope of your humanitarian project. Our Survivor rocket stove, Hunter Chimney stove, and skirted Dragon Pot are 3 of our most popular humanitarian products.

    Our most recent Humanitarian project was in The Marshall Islands. The container of stoves were purchased with UNDP (United Nations Development Plan) funding, and coordinated by the KIO organization based in Majuro. Our products were chosen over StoveTec and EcoZoom, due to greater efficiency and durability. SilverFire donated an additional 60% of our very important skirted Dragon Pots to maximize reductions of required fuel, emissions, and reduce time to boil for these folks. The primary fuel used in the Pacific Islands is palm fronds and spathe to sanitize water, cookware, and to cook a meal. Red dog casino $100 no deposit bonus codes 2020. Well designed cookware can have a dramatic impact on the outcomes of a successful humanitarian project.

    SilverFire Disaster and Recreations Stoves & Cookware, LLC

    Showroom / Warehouse

    2472 Willamette Street

    Eugene, Oregon 97405


    Questions? [email protected] or call 10 AM - 5 PM Pacific Time (Monday through Friday)

    Sales: 541 222-9212 Pacific Time Zone, 10 AM - 5:00 PM USA Domestic & Humanitarian Sales USA International code: +001

    SilverFire Warehouse: 541 485-7114 Pacific Time Zone 10 -5:00 PM Monday through Friday, weekends by appointment.


    SilverFire supports domestic and developed nation volume discount orders. These include wholesale, retail, and bulk customer purchases, with payment due at the time of shipping. Please see our humanitarian link for International developing nation orders. Humanitarian volume container orders and pricing is not available for developed nations.

    Domestic freight is shipped on skids or by a container. We allow customers to mix products with pallet orders. Standard 42' x 48' pallets hold 48 stove units and average around 750 lbs. We pass on our established domestic shipping discounts for all pallet purchases. Retailers may elect to participate in our drop shipment program for our portable products. Drop shipment customers start off with a 1/2 pallet stove order minimum. All drop ship customers start at the 24 unit product discount level, plus postal fees, carton, & packing material cost. All discounts are based on volume pricing schedules. The larger the sustained volume sold, the deeper the discounts will be provided.

    Our best profit margins are with volume pallet orders, however many of our web-based businesses prefer for us to handle the logistics and have no warehouse capacity. We also have web-based dealers that prefer higher margins and stock products in their residential premises. We serve a wide variety of customers, organizations, and business models, large & small.

    All initial orders must describe the delivery site. Commercial and urban destinations are less expensive than rural or residential locations. All delivery locations that do not have a loading dock or forklift require a lift gate delivery. Farms are classified as residential rural locations, even if commercial activities are present. It can be more cost-effective for volume order customers to identify a commercial location with a loading dock or fork lift. We do have specialized full container load pricing and support for orders for 1,000 units or greater. Please contact us for current price list.

    SilverFire Sales: +001 541 222-9212 Pacific Time Zone, 10 AM - 5:00 PM

    SilverFire Warehouse +001 541 485-7114 Pacific Time Zone. Our showroom/warehouse hours are Monday - Friday 10 AM - 5:30 PM, and Saturdays by appointment (unless attending a trade show).

    SilverFire Showroom / Warehouse: 2472 Willamette Street Eugene, OR 97405

    SilverFire® specializes in wood and biomass/bio-fuel clean cooking technology and features leading rocket stoves, gasifier stoves, rocket bread ovens, solar cooker designs, and specialty bio-fuel cookware (including gourmet salt stones, Asian grilles, & stone grills). SilverFire offers a wide range of clean cooking products for disaster, recreation, and everyday family cooking. See Products, Accessories, & Oven listings to see the complete SilverFire Product offerings.

    We specialize in products used in outdoor kitchens, indoor kitchens, off-grid application, tailgate parties, camping, canning, backpacking, emergencies, survival, humanitarian use, BBQ's, gourmet cooking, and for those concerned about the environment. SilverFire® products include Rocket Stoves, Gasifier Stoves, TLUD Stoves, Backpack Stoves, Fixed Chimney Stoves, Wood Burning Ovens, an adjustable Solar Cooker, Utensils, and Specialized Cookware.

    The SilverFire mission is to facilitate the availability of quality clean cooking biomass and solar products for both commercial and humanitarian use. All of our wood and biomass burning cookstoves, solar cookers, and cookware are ideal for family backyard cooking, survival, off-grid application, recreation, or daily meal preparation. Free fuel (biomass twigs, construction debris, and flammable ground scrub) is available all around us, often right under our feet. SilverFire quality products are fun and efficient to use. These products will provide years of family use. They are safe, environmentally responsible, and cheap to operate.

    Why buy fuel? Twigs, biomass, and sunlight are free. Why rely on fuel sourced by commercial distribution and large corporations, when free fuel is readily available? Cook for free and protect your environment with found renewable fuel sources (sunlight, twigs and flammable ground scrub). Protect your family. This is easy with SilverFire® clean wood and biomass burning products and solar cookers. Fossil fuel, charcoal, coal, and most commercial fuels are non-sustainable and detrimental to our environment.

    International disasters are on the rise. Every family should have an independent means of providing safe drinking water, be able to cook a meal, or sanitize cookware without depending on fossil fuels, or fuel that relies on commercial distribution. Our quality wood burning stoves and solar cooker allow you to cook free in emergencies, for fun, or everyday use. The data is clear, you should be ready, you should be prepared. Most importantly, have fun cooking with SilverFire products!

    Note Current Trend of Government Disaster Data:

    SilverFire® Disaster and Recreation Stoves & Cookware headquarters are located at 21472 Willamette Street in Eugene, Oregon 97405. In addition to a distribution center, SilverFire operates a retail showroom where consumers visit and see the newest developments in rocket stove and gasifier stove technology, & energy saving cookware. The showroom is dedicated to showcasing many of the most advanced clean-burning wood & biomass cooking products on the planet.

    We have entered a new era of clean-burning stove technology that is unprecedented in the industry, and SilverFire offers these new advanced gasification technologies with all their Rocket and Gasifier (TLUD) stove designs. Todd Albi, President of SilverFire® has been instrumental in developing advanced rocket stove and gasifier stove technologies and partnering with the most advanced biomass and biogas manufacturers in the world.

    Mr. Albi was formerly the founder and former Managing Director of StoveTec® rocket stoves, supporting the Aprovecho Research Center. Numerous clean cooking technological advances, expanded use of secondary gasification, and consumer demand for improved quality and greater durability other stove manufactures offered, were the driving forces to create SilverFire® Disaster and Recreation Stoves & Cookware, LLC for both developed and developing nation markets. The result is SilverFire® offers many of the most advanced and durable clean cooking biomass stoves available today. See our Products link to view stoves, cooking accessory, and oven products. We offer both portable and large fixed home cooking options. SilverFire® products range from the most compact backpack gasifier / go bag stove, to large family units. SilverFire® offers portable and fixed stoves capable of both indoor and outdoor cooking, baking, and heating applications.

    Every day over 3 billion people in the developing world cook food on open fires or inefficient cookstoves fueled by coal or solid biomass, jeopardize human health, contribute to household & community air pollution, and impact environmental devastation by depleting forests and increasing soil erosion. 4 million premature deaths occur every year due to exposure from toxic smoke emissions. Consequently, women and children are disproportionately impacted by household air pollution.

    SilverFire is a provider of high-quality clean cookstoves to protect humans from the health and environmental impact of inefficient cookstoves and inappropriate fuel use, such as charcoal, coal, & fossil fuels.

    Returned SilverFire products subject to 25% product restocking fee and all shipping costs are non-refundable.


    SilverFire Sales: +001 541 222-9212 Pacific Time Zone, 10 - 5:00 PM Pacific Time (Monday - Friday) USA Domestic & Humanitarian Sales

    SilverFire Warehouse: +001 541 485-7114 Pacific Time Zone 10 -5:00 PM

    Privacy Policy: Your privacy is critically important to us. Our organization shares no emails or data to outside parties, other than your email to route your package tracking number from our package delivery carrier.

    • We don’t ask you for personal information unless we truly need it.
    • We don’t share your personal information with anyone except to comply with the law, develop our products, protect our rights, or to provide a package tracking number.
    • We don’t store personal information on our servers unless required for the on-going operation of one of our delivery services.
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