Top 10 Paytm Cash Earning Games

Posted By admin On 04/09/21

Hey, guys do you know that earning Paytm cash online is really easy if you only know how to do it?

That’s why today I will show you some of the best URL Shortener to earn Paytm cash quickly and easily.

This is one amazing game to play and earn Paytm cash. It is a normal stickball pool game which is popular, the only difference is, you can play for real money. Data genie takes the top 10. Earning Paytm cash online is really easy if you know the right way to earn. That’s why after doing the in-depth research I have finally created a list of the 10 best daily Paytm cash earning websites. These websites will help you to earn free Paytm cash. These websites are 100% legit and Trustworthy, all you need is a mobile phone to start. Similarly Paytm cash earning games are trending among game lovers. There are so many games where you get Paytm cash back vouchers in reward as compared to other rewards. Depending on the level of achievement, you can earn up to thousands of rupees by playing these games. In this article, you will learn the most legitimate Paytm cash earning.

Earning money by shortening the URL is the best thing to do because you don’t have to work too hard in order to earn Paytm cash.

Earning Paytm cash online is really easy if you know the right way to earn. That’s why after doing the in-depth research I have finally created a list of the 10 best daily Paytm cash earning websites. These websites will help you to earn free Paytm cash. These websites are 100% legit and Trustworthy, all you need is a mobile phone to start working.

You simply need the URL and use the Shortener website to generate a short URL and that’s it and you can earn Paytm cash while relaxing and doing nothing.

In this blog post, I will also cover how to generate views so that you can boost your earnings

So, are you excited?

Let me show you some of the best websites to earn Paytm cash by shortening the URL

15+ URL Shortener websites to Earn Paytm cash.

1. is one of the most trusted Url Shortener to earn Paytm cash online. You can easily earn Paytm cash with Shrinkme.

Remember you can only withdraw minimum $5 dollars.

The best thing about is that you will receive daily payments so you don’t have to wait, whenever you have earned your minimum $5 dollars you can withdraw them instantly.


  • $5 Minimum Withdraw
  • 20% referral bonus
  • Payment options: Paytm, Paypal, Bitcoins, or through bank transfer.


Gplinks is an Indian website and the best URL Shortener to Earn Paytm quickly. If you have a community like a Youtube channel or Whatsapp group, website then you can turn your traffic into profit very easily.

Gplinks is a free tool but helps you to earn money very easily. If I talk about the Payout rates of Gplinks in India then you would be amazed that they provide $5 dollars per 1000 views in India.

Apart from earning you will also get a good service team, in case of facing any issues, they will be ready to help you always.

They also have a very good interface where you can analyze your audience and understand what brings you more income and views.


  • $5 Minimum withdraw
  • Highest Rates
  • Dedicated supports team
  • Statistical tools to understand your audience

3. is also a great tool that can be used for earning Paytm cash. Their Payout rates are always increasing and for 1000 views in India.

40 thousand users are already registered with and now it’s your chance to earn money with it.

The best part about is that you can refer it to your friends you can earn their 10% commission for a lifetime. That means when your friends use the Smoner platform to earn money, you will receive their 10% income.

So yes Smoner is the best URL Shortener to earn Paytm cash and another reason I call this the best is because $3 dollars is theminimum payout on Smoner.


  • 10% referral income
  • Great dashboard to control all features
  • Great API


Minimum Payout on Shrinkearn is $3 dollars and you can withdraw your earnings at any time through Paytm, Paypal, Bank transfer, GooglePay, or Bitcoin.

You will love the referral program of because you can earn a 20% commission from your friend’s earnings. So make sure you refer your friends as well.


  • 20% referral income
  • Minimum Withdrawal $3
  • Payment options: Paytm, Paypal, Phonepe, or direct bank transfer

5. is one of the oldest link Shortener websites where you can earn money very easily. This website is a trusted one. So you don’t need to worry about not getting your Payment.

With shorte.ts your audience will only see premium ads and not the spam ones. You can also check their affiliation programs where you have to invite your friends and you can earn their commission as well.


  • Complete Stats to understand your audience.
  • 20% affiliate earnings.
  • WordPress and BlogSpot tools and plugins.
  • High CPM rates- premium ads with premium money


When it comes to top URL Shortener to earn Paytm cash. also comes under the list.


  • Payments on time
  • 25% Referral income
  • 99% Uptime – Servers are never down
  • Easy Dashboard – Know your audience and your income in an easy way.


You can earn $13 dollars from by getting views from Germany and up to $10 dollars from Switzerland and the united states.

But make sure to only generate unique views because the same views from the same IP address will not be considered.

The payout rate in India is $4 dollars and the minimum payout is just $5 dollars which are not difficult to earn. also has automatic tools so you don’t need to convert all your links automatically.


  • Daily payouts- You can withdraw money every day.
  • Higher CPM rates than ever.
  • Automatic tools
  • Good support and sales team
  • Payment options- Bank transfer, Paypal, payeer, WebMoney.

9. is the best URL Shortener to earn Paytm cash quickly. You can earn $21 dollars if you get views from Greenland. Shrtfly is compatible with Google Adsense which is the most trusted ad network to earn money.

Shrtfly is connected with advertisers all around the world and in every niche. If you are a blogger or Youtuber and you want to earn money from Shortening URLs then it’s not a problem in which niche you are.


  • Adsense compatibility
  • Highest CPM
  • 30% Referral income
  • Clean ads


Urlshortx comes with a low minimum payout and you are required toearn few dollars in order to get your first payment. is a very easy platform to use all you have to do is to create your account, Shortener the URL, and earn money.


  • You only need $3 as a minimum to withdraw
  • Payments options – Bank transfer, Paypal, Skrill
  • 24/7 supports team to help you whenever you need


Adfly is one of the oldest and most trusted CPM websites where you can easily earn Cash with the best and highest Payout rates. Which is the highest you can ever get from any CPM website.

All the ads are properly checked to make sure they are safe and doesn’t contains any virus so that your viewers are confident while going through your link.


  • Website tools
  • Highest CPM
  • Payment options – PayPal and Payoneer

11. is a completely free tool and the best link shortener to earn money where you can create links for free and earn money without investment.

The best feature of is that the same views from the same user will also be counted. Even if your friends our visitors view the links twice you will get to earn money.


  • Great Supports team
  • 20% Referral bonus
  • Fewer Ads but Higher Payout

Paytm First Games

12. is another best URL Shortener to earn Paytm money and their CPM is good in every country. More than 117,000 users are registers and more than 10,26,642 links are clicked.


  • Low Minimum Payout
  • 23% Referral income
  • Fast-growing link Shortener


ShortAm pays $2.50 per 1000 views from the united states and UK. If I talk about the CPM rate or Payout rate in India then you can earn $1.80 dollars.

If you have WordPress websites, then also have plugins which you can use on your website that will make your life simpler and easier.


  • Payment options – PayPal or Payoneer.
  • Referral income 20%
  • Daily Payments
  • Plugins for your websites


With UizIo you can earn good cpm from the United States per 1,000 views which is the highest CPM provided by

Your Payment will be automatically sent to your account after it has reached the minimum payment. So you don’t have to do it manually.

Best Game For Earning Paytm Cash


  • Great ads format
  • 43000+ Users registered
  • Payment Options: PayPal, Payeer, WebMoney, Bitcoin
  • Payment Frequency – Weekly (Every Monday)


Adyou website can boost your online income as it’s really good for earning money online by shortening the URL.

You can earn $5 dollars per 1000 views on and in India, you can earn $2.5 dollars per 1000 views.


The minimum payout is only $5 dollars which are not that difficult to earn. So yes you should definitely try


  • Highest CPM with Global coverage
  • Timely Payments
  • $5 Minimum Payout
  • Payment options – PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoins, Payza, Web money, Vodafone, Neteller


ShinkMe is also a good link Shortener to earn money online from home without investment.

The minimum payout is $5 dollars which can be collected very easily via Paypal once its earned.

Get the Ludo Money app for exclusive features Ludo money brings you the platform to play real money ludo against real players. Ludo Money has over 1 lacs players, which makes it more thrilling. It is the first of its kind where ludo with Snake & Ladder can be played with Real Money. Online ludo game cash. Ludo Empire is a project of Fabzen Technologies Private Limited.Ludo Empire is the online version of the most played board game - Ludo, with a great twist that you can play this game online for fun, and along with that, if you win, you will earn real cash.


  • 1,01,602 Registered users
  • Payout rate in India – $1.50
  • 24/7 Supports team
  • 20% commission through referral


OuoIo allows to earn money from the same viewer multiple times that means of the same visitor views your link multiple time you will still earn money.

You can earn well if you can generate traffic from Australia. The best thing about is that they show fewer ads for a great user experience but pay high rates.


  • Less ads but get higher payout
  • Payment options – PayPal, Payoneer, Payeer and Bitcoin payment
  • Good dashboard to control all the activities.
  • 7*24 Live support

How to generate 1000 views (2 Easy steps)?

It’s not difficult to get 1000 views especially in today’s world where everyone is using a mobile phone.

But let me show you some easy ways to generate 1000 views on your URL shortened link.

Step 1. Decide your URL Shortener program, I have shown you the 17 best URL shortener to earn Paytm cash, now it’s your choice to select one. if you don’t know how to choose You can choose on the following basis:

  1. Choose the one which you trust the most
  2. Select the one with a high CPM in India.
  3. Make sure the ads are legit and not 18+

Step 2. You need to Select your traffic channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram, or a blog.

If you have a YouTube channel, a great social media presence. Then it will be easy for you to earn.

But if you don’t have any channel where you can drive traffic from then you need to work to build and I will exactly show you how to create a great traffic channel.

  1. Start a social media meme page
  2. Share funny videos and pictures
  3. Build followers

Once you have enough followers next step is to share your shortener link with them. Let’s see how to do it in the correct way.

  1. Find a funny video on YouTube
  2. Copy the URL and shorten it.
  3. Post the half video on your social media account and ask followers to go through the link to watch the full video.

Top 10 Paytm Cash Earning Games On

This way you will create a curiosity among people to go through your link. This is called marketing.

Final thoughts

Top 10 Paytm Cash Earning Games Online

These are the best 17 URL shortener to earn Paytm cash by shortening the URL. I have also discussed that how can you generate views and make people to click and go through your links so that you can earn money.

Make sure you don’t spam people with links, no one likes to be spammed.

Free Paytm Cash Code

Instead, develop your own traffic channel through blogs and social media. So, you can keep earning always without spamming.

Earn Paytm Cash

Tell me in the comments did you find this article helpful and are there any changes to be made?