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Are you a game lover!!! Then you must be a PUBG Player. Are you playing pubg, then you must have known about the pubg uc generator. The PUBG Mobile UC Generator is the most common thing that everyone searches in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. For those who are interested to get the free uc & bp pubg codes then you can simply get from us.

How to get free PUBG Skins. This game was made by inspiration from more than 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale. PUBG beta version was released in March 2017 for Xbox One by Microsoft Studios and its mobile version for iOS and Android officially was released in September 2018. Your browser does not support the audio element.

In this article, we are going to show how to get the free uc and bp pubg coins. These coins are used to get premium guns and clothes for the players. Before going to know about the pubg generators, have a look at its overview, so that you will get an idea of how to use pubg uc generators.

Overview of PUBG Mobile Hack

As you all know, one of the popular Battlegrounds game is the PUBG game. This is the royale simulator that was first introduced with men. This man uses weapons and clothing and kills the opponents and reached his destination. This is handling by a server to play each and every game in levels.

These survival games have been introduced for so many years like Minecraft, Hunter games, Mangas, etc, but among them, PUBG was more popular. It is having almost 200 million users with 30 million users daily. Nowadays this game has become a daily routine for everyone. It is most special in countries like China, Russia, India, etc.

Get Free PUBG UC By Using Our UC Generator

Spin Pubg Mobile Free

This game can be played for free or either by investing some money. As you know purchasing the currency in the game with our real money it almost difficult. So we have come up with the free pubg uc generator and pubg bp generator. Here we are sharing the pubg uc generator which will share you unlimited free pubg uc.

PUBG Mobile Hack – UC & BP Generator

If you want the pubg uc and bp for free then simply follow the below steps:

  • First here we are going with the pubg uc generator using two ways. One is directly generating online and the other one is by downloading.
  • Choose any of the two buttons provided below and start the process.
  • Click on the generate button, then you will be redirected to a page with UC& BP generator.
  • Here select the number of BP Coins and click on the “+” button, then add the number of UC coins and click on Generate.
  • Now you will see a page with account information. You need to Enter your Username and Mobile Platform like Android, ios or Bluestacks.
  • Now select the platform and click on the continue button
  • Now your generator will start loading with your selected platform. Here you can also see your account username which is on left. You need to wait until the generator loads completely.
  • Once the server is loaded completely you will get the page to enter reCaptcha. This is to make sure that you are Humans.
  • That’s it now your resources will be transferred to your account in minutes. You can repeat the process again and get the number of coins at any time.

If you don’t want to go with this process then you can simply download hack.

Tips and Tricks of Pubg Mobile Hack

Spin Pubg Mobile Free

  • If you want to save your money and time then you must use the PUBG Mobile Hack sources. Other than the rest of the tools this is not a paid tool. You can get his hack tool for free.
  • Get more UC without any issues and start playing the game.
  • Generate unlimited resources with enough keys by applying the pubg mobile cheats.
  • No need to read all the chapters in the game or replay the chapter to get coins.
  • Use the coins in the game and move forward easily.

Benefits of Using PUBG Mobile Hack

As you all know there are several benefits while using these pubg online hack tools. Some of them are listed below:

  • Get free resources without any downloads and installations on your mobile.
  • Use the pubg generator from us and get unlimited cheats and coins. As you know some of the hack tools provided on the internet do not work.
  • Get perfectly working pubg UC’s from here.
  • GetUC provides you the perfect working tools from trusted sources.

Importance of Currency in PUBG Mobile

As you know there are two main currencies in the game that are UC. In order to create a currency in UC, it will take about 3 hours for us. So rather then go for it you can use the pubg uc generator. These keys will help you to unlock various stories and chapters in the game. You can even buy modern and classic costumes for the character.

It is more important to earn a good amount of currency in the game. The best way is to get by completing more stories and chapters in the game. Other than that you can use the pubg uc generators. Even there are other methods like linking with Facebook, inviting friends, etc, but that is a bit un casual.

How to Get Free PUBG Mobile UC {Other Ways}

If you are looking to get some ways for free uc in pubg mobile then you see some methods below and know how you can get free UC in PUBG Mobile. Rather than these use the free UC Generators from us.

Search for Giveaways

If you are lucky enough then you can search for the giveaways that are organized by YouTubers, streamers, pubg creators, players, etc. You can follow them who organize the Giveaways and can sometimes get the free UC’s. But you know this won’t work for everyone.

Participate in Custom Pubg Rooms

Many of the tournaments, contests and custom rooms were organized by many people daily. You can play in the pubg room for money and win the game and get a winner prize which will be free UC coins. Some times the winners will be awarded free UC coins.

Google Opinion Rewards

You can use the application called google opinion rewards which will reward you with some money when you complete a survey. If you complete some surveys then you can earn money in the google account. With this money, you can buy the UC in the Pubg mobile.

Refer and Earn Apps

There are some apps in the play store that will earn money by sharing referring to the apps. Like if you refer an app and the other users install it, then you will be rewarded by some points. These points can be used to buy UC in your PUBG Mobile account.

Purchase Subscriptions

Pubg Mobile offers two types of monthly subscriptions, such as prime and prime plus. If you get a prime subscription which is of INR 85 that gives you 150 UC. If you get prime plus with INR 850 then you will have 900 UC. But these subscriptions will cost you.


So finally we hope you have got an idea of PUBG Mobile generator. If you use the other ways then obviously you must keep some money to get UC’s or else our suggestion is to use the free pubg UC generator from us and get the free uc’s. Use only the official websites to get free UC’s. If you like this article on free pubg UC generators then simply share with your friends. Sharing is Caring!!!

PUBG Mobile is the most happening game in the world right now. It has millions of players that regularly jump into the battlefield to be the last man standing. The game gets even more interesting when you have appealing skins to flex. But, not everyone can afford them. This makes the players wonder if they can get PUBG Mobile Free Skins. If you are also looking for some cool skins and costumes for free, this post is specially written for you.

Here, I will tell you about the top 10 methods to get PUG Mobile free skins. Just use these methods and you get some really cool skins in your inventory. After that, you won’t have to play the game without weapon finishes or boring clothes.

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  • 1 Top 10 Methods to Get PUBG Mobile Free Skins

Top 10 Methods to Get PUBG Mobile Free Skins

PUBG Mobile is a game of skills and skins. The first you can earn only with your hard work and experience, and the latter you can get with money and some amount of luck. However, there are certain ways that you can use to get beautiful skins for absolutely free. Using these ways, you can get nice skins of Guns, Pan, Parachute, Car, Jeep, Bike, and Clothes for absolutely free. There are many real and hidden ways in the game that you explore only when you play more.

I’ll present all the real methods here. Just go through these and you’ll have plenty of PUBG Mobile free skins to flex among your friends and other players. Once you get the free skins, you can give your character a whole different look.

1. Redeem Skins & Dresses with Silver Frags

Lucky Spin Pubg Mobile Free

Silver Frags is one of the currencies in PUBG Mobile. There are so many ways by which you can get Silver Fragments, usually from opening crates. You can use those silver frags to redeem cool skins and clothes from the shop. There are gun skins, pan skin, parachute skins, and so many costumes available in the shop.

Just tap on Shop from the main menu. Next, tap on Redeem and you’ll see a whole collection that you can buy using silver fragments.

2. Complete Achievements to Get PUBG Mobile Free Skins

There are many achievements in PUBG Mobile that can get you gun skins. For example, achievements like Assault Mastery IV will get you the M416 Desert Camo skin, SMG Mastery IV will get you a UZI Desert Camo skin, and Melee Mastery IV will get you a Pan skin. There are many more achievements that have gun skins and stylish clothes as rewards.

Go to Missions from the main menu and then go to Achievements. Then, you can find the achievements that have cool rewards and start completing them.

3. Participate in the Events Actively to Get PUBG Mobile Free Skins

PUBG Mobile frequently provides various events that have exciting rewards. A lot of events give skins and costumes as rewards. Earlier, many events provided permanent weapon finishes, vehicle skins, and clothes. But, now the rewards are time-limited. Still, you can collect them and have fun. By the time they’ll expire, you’ll have more new events.

Tap on the Gift Box present in the bottom right side of the screen and you’ll find all the events that are currently active. You can participate in them by playing the game and get exciting prizes.

4. Open Classic Crates by Collecting Scraps

Classic Crates in PUBG Mobile has a massive collection of gun skins, clothes, costumes, vehicle skins, and many more things. However, it takes real good luck to actually get the skins from them. But, you should never stop trying. Collect as many Classic Crate coupons as you can and then open them to get rewards.

You can also redeem Classic Crate scraps using silver fragments, collect them by completing achievements and events. I’d recommend collecting 10 coupons and then opening them together.

5. Open Premium Crates by Collecting Scraps

Premium Crates are another way to get some cool PUBG Mobile free skins. They have a higher chance of dropping a good item than the Classic Crates. Premium Crates also have guaranteed rewards. You’ll get a Legendary item in every 10 Premium Crates you open. So, collect as many Premium Crate coupons as you can and open them together.

You can also redeem Premium Crate scraps using silver fragments, collect them by completing achievements and events.

6. Open Supply Crates by Collecting Scraps or AG Currency

Supply Crates are one more type of PUBG Mobile crates. The gun skins, plane finishes, and clothes in these are present as ‘time-limited’ and ‘permanent’ variants. It takes a lot of luck to draw permanent ones. But, you can still use the time-limited ones and when they expire, you can use new ones. When you open 30 Supply Crates, you’ll get a special Energy Crate that will give you a permanent item.

Supply Crates will also provide you Classic Crate scraps and silver fragments. You can collect Supply Crate scraps by watching ad-videos in the Missions tab and completing daily missions.

7. Open Soldier Crates with BP Coins

Soldier Crates don’t have many exciting rewards. But, they do have a mythic skirt and two legendary items. If you are a beginner, you can get some good looking clothes from the Soldier Crates. You can open them using BP Coins. The first crate of every week costs only 700 BP coins. Then, the cost increases with every opening.

Soldier Crates can also give you Classic Crate scraps. So, you can get Classic crate coupons by opening Soldier crates.

8. Watch PUBG Mobile eSports (PMCO, PMPL, PMIS, etc)

PUBG Mobile frequently organizes domestic and international tournaments. Some common examples are PMCO,PMPL, PMIS, etc. Watching these tournaments is not only fun but can also earn you great rewards. You can get exciting rewards like Gun skins, Legendary clothes, and many more items by watching PUBG Mobile eSports.

Just go to the eSports Center (Tap on the ‘Trophy’ icon on the top left) in the game and start watching whenever an event is going on. The more you watch, the more points you can collect. And, the more points you have, the better rewards you can redeem.

9. Buy PUBG Mobile Free Skins with BP Coins in Prime Plus Subscription

If you have purchased the Prime Plus Subscription, you can buy gun skins, parachute skins, and many cool clothes with BP Coins. You can purchase the items to keep permanently or for 7-days or 30-days. If you have only the Prime subscription, you can’t buy the items permanently. You can only buy them for a limited time period then.


Just tap on the Shop icon, then tap on BP, and you’ll see a good collection of items that you can buy using BP coins.

10. Participate in Giveaways

A lot of YouTubers,PUBG Mobile Streamers, Content Creators, Influencers, eSports players, and organizations regularly organize giveaways on Youtuber, Instagram, Facebook, etc. You can participate in the giveaways and win UC. Then, you can buy impressive skins and clothes using the UC. They also organize custom rooms some times, where you can play and win UC.

Some examples are Fatal Frag, MrCyberSquad, ClassifiedYT, etc. You can search for ‘UCGiveaway’ and you’ll find plenty of people giving away rewards.

Bonus: Purchase Skins from Lucky Air Drops or Bargains

Since you have kept reading this long, I have a little bonus for you. But, this won’t work if you have ‘zero’ UC. If you have some amount of UC and agree to spend some of them, I have a trick for you. You can buy skins, clothes, and other items at a heavy discount from Lucky Air Drops. These drops spawn randomly and will appear in the main screen.

Another way you can buy skins cheaply is by purchasing it through a bargain event. Bargain events come randomly. Once it comes, you can bargain for an item you like to buy it at a cheaper cost.

Spin Pubg Mobile Free Online

Final Take

Free Spin Pubg Mobile Lite

Skins don’t have an impact on PUBG Mobile gameplay but they do help you to feel more superior. Beautiful skins can make you stand out among the other players on the Spawn Island. These are all the real ways that can help you get PUBG Mobile free skins. You can use these and make the game more entertaining for you.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find this helpful. If you need help regarding anything written here, feel free to use the comment box. You can also share some more ways to get free stuff in the comments.