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Posted By admin On 22/08/21
The only app where you can MAKE MONEY BY PLAYING VIDEO GAMES, No in-app purchases, No hidden cost, Its 100% Free.
All you need to do is play Hi-Lo Dice game and collect at least 2000 coins for redeem the coins into PayPal or Paytm cash. The more coins you collect the higher cash amount you will get. The cash amount is paid out through a PayPal or Paytm money transfer.
➤ Game Overview
This game is all about luck and probability where players are faced with a 50/50 chance to win . Players are provided with 2 main buttons to select, buttons are 'Hi' Button and 'Lo' Button. You can press only one button at a time, If you Pressed 'Hi' button then the dice will roll & drop on the board, If upside face of the dice shows the Higher number Than pervious dice number then you will win and you will rewarded one coin Or otherwise if the dice upside face shows Lower number Than pervious dice number then you will lose and one heart point will be deducted from your heart balance. You can refill your heart at any time by clicking the heart icon at the top right corner of the game screen.
➤ How To Play
Hi Button:-- If you pressed Hi button then the dice will roll and the dice's upside face reflects higher number than previous dice number, Then you will win. Or if the dice shows lower number then you will Lose.
Lo Button:-- Lo button is behave opposite of Hi Button. If you pressed Lo button then the dice will roll and the dice's upside face reflects lower number than previous dice number, Then you will win. Or if the dice shows higher number then you will Lose.
➤ Why Do I Made This Game
You often search these lines in search engine like Make money online, Easy ways to earn money online, How to make money online without investment etc. you went through hundreds of different websites but you have found that around 90 to 95 percent websites are not genuine. You also may search these lines at different app stores such as play games and earn PayPal money, Earn Paytm Cash, play and earn free Paytm cash, play game earn real money, make money by playing games etc. And you also install tons of different apps and games, you spent a lot of your time for getting a decent seamlessly income from those apps, After using those apps for some days you did the payout or redeem something, but after some days you have found that they are not giving any payouts of redeemed items, in other words those apps are not genuine, I mean around 50 to 60 percent of money earning apps and games is not genuine.
I am sharing this story because it happened with me. I have spent couple of years just seeking a decent way to earn money online, Earn Money Reward, and at last, I got frustrated, And I decided that I will make any genuine money making app that helps other people to earn money from that app or game, In this way the people will not lose hope and they will believe in apps as a trusted solution.
This is because I have made my very first Money Making Game named as Hi-Lo Dice Earn Real Money, that help you to earn some money by playing the simple easy to play game, You can earn more money seamlessly just by playing this game. So play more earn more money.

Make Money Earn Cash


Make Money Earn Cash Apk

Stop wasting time playing useless games on your mobile phone. It does not benefit you in any way. Start making money on your free time. The feeling of earning passive income is much better than the pleasure you get when you level up in a useless game.
The business of earning extra income has become too noisy with a lot of dubious programs that only wants to earn from you.
We have compiled a comprehensive list of programs that we confirmed to be geniune and have been featured in numerous international magazines globally. This is never about any get rich quick scheme.
We included an on-point (without BS) review for each program so you get all the essential information enough for you to decide whether a program is for you or not.
This app contains legitimate programs that will help you generate real income.
- Monetize your social media account
- Advertise from your car
- Earn from your cellphone photos
- Income opportunities for writers
- Easily setup your own travel booking business
- Earn by creating taglines
- Work from home virtual call center
- Microjobs on the internet and much much more!
*This app does not contain any survey sites or click to earn programs. It does not contain any affiliate link (Zero/Nil/Nada/Not a single affiliate link).
Explore the many ways to create that extra source of income.
App Features:
* Significantly less ads
* Clean user interface
* Fast and fluid app
* On-point information, minus all the BS
* Small app, same size as 3 songs
* Comprehensive list, updated regularly
NOTE: The developers of this app are not affiliated nor does it represent any of the websites featured in this app.
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Real Money Earn Apk Online

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