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Posted By admin On 03/08/21
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PUBG Mobile Lite also has lucky spin events to give players the chance to get many attractive gifts. Here's a full guide on how to join these lucky spins and get exclusive rewards. Check Free Spin PUBG ML out with

Royal spin payment proof // royal spin pubg lite bc proof // Qroyal spin free fireApps links download đŸ‘‡Install Lucky Joy app and get 3Rs. Paytm cash in your. BC is the in-game currency of PUBG Mobile Lite and can be used to purchase various exclusive items in the game. This article lists ways through which players can obtain BC for free.

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What Is Free Spin PUBG ML?

PUBG Mobile Lite lucky spins are often time-limited events. The game developers will release new lucky spins based on the theme of the season and update. For example, on the 2nd anniversary, PUBG Mobile Lite players have a chance to get the Smooth Hitman set and many other exclusive skins from the Lucky Draw event.

Unlike in PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC, the Lucky spin in PUBG Mobile Lite also gives players lucky coins. A draw of PUBG Mobile Lite lucky spin costs you 30 BC which is pretty cheaper than in PUBG Mobile. Besides, when you buy 10 draws, you only need to pay 270 BC.

PUBG ML Spin costs players BC. So, you cannot play it for free. However, there are some methods to get BC for free to play Free Spin PUBG ML. Or else, you need to top up BC to play lucky spins and get those gifts.

How To Get Free BC For Free Spin PUBG ML?

PUBG Mobile Lite players have some chances to get free BC. Then, you can use those coins to join PUBG Mobile Lite Lucky Spin for free.

  • Google Opinion Rewards

This is a popular way to get in-game money for free for mobile gamers, including PUBG Mobile and PUBG ML players. However, iPhone users cannot use this app to get online money because it's only available on Android devices. Then, you can use that sum of online money in the Google Balance account to buy battle coins (BC).

Pubg Lite Free Bc Spin
  • Watching Ads When Playing PUBG ML

Free no deposit casino bonuses uk. When you play the game, you can also watch advertisement videos to earn BC. Although the number of reward BC is limited, it's a great source of free BC that you shouldn't miss. Spend a minute to watch ads, you can earn some BC to draw a spin and get grand prizes if you are lucky enough.

  • Join PUBG ML Tournaments

It's a limited chance for a few PUBG ML pro players. There are some occasional online tournaments for PUBG ML players to join, compete, and increase the connection among players in this community. Moreover, winners can earn some BC to join free spin in PUBG ML. Or else, some clans also give the winner of custom matches BC as rewards. Therefore, you should improve your skills and try to win those matches.

  • BC Rewards From Elite Winner Pass


Pubg Lite Free Bc Spin Game

Winner Pass is also a worth-investing source of free BC in this game. Like in PUBG Mobile Royale Pass, PUBG ML players can earn free BC from Elite Winner Pass. But you also need to pay a sum of BC as an investment to buy Elite Winner Pass. Then, complete missions and level up in Winner Pass to get BC rewards back. Moreover, you will also get lots of other exclusive gifts from the Elite Pass.

How To Update Free Spin PUBG ML?

PUBG ML Lucky spins are often available to access by clicking on the banner of those Lucky Draw event in the event center. To join these occasion events, you locate the banner of Lucky Draw or Lucky Spin events on the bottom right corner of the phone screen and tap on it. Then, it will lead you to the center of the Lucky Spins.

The active time of the event is also displayed right under the word Lucky Spin. You can also check out the rule and cost of spins. As usual, you need to pay 30 BC for a single draw and 270 BC for a package of ten draws.

Recently, PUBG ML hasn't introduced any new Lucky Spin. Instead, you can try your luck in the Crate Shop. It has the same gameplay as Lucky Draw in PUBG Mobile Lite. You also pay BC to open the crate. A single crate cost you 40 BC. Or else, you can open 10 times at once with 360 BC. There are six categories of crates in PUBG Mobile Lite:

  • Premium Firearm Crate: includes exclusive and rare weapon skins, such as Glacier AKM and Safari M416.
  • Premium Outfit Crate: includes rare themed outfit sets, such as Wonderland Traveler Set and Crystal Bandit set.
  • Firearm Crate: contains more popular weapon skins.
  • PUBG Crate contains a lot of items of different categories.
  • PUBG Superior Crate: you can get outfits, gun skins, masks, hats, etc. from this crate.
  • Soldier's Crate: includes normal items, such as cheap clothing items.

Pubg Lite Free Bc Spins

PUBG ML players can also use crate coupons to open crates for free. You will get those coupons from achievement rewards or mission rewards. Players can also collect crate coupon scraps to merge and make a coupon.

Those are things you need to know about Free Spin PUBG ML as well as how to get rare rewards from those events. To update the latest PUBG Mobile Lite game news as well as more tips, tricks, and guides for gamers, let's visit our website.