Pool Paytm Cash Game

Posted By admin On 02/09/21
Pool Paytm Cash Game

Similarly Paytm cash earning games are trending among game lovers. There are so many games where you get Paytm cash back vouchers in reward as compared to other rewards. Depending on the level of achievement, you can earn up to thousands of rupees by playing these games. In this article, you will learn the most legitimate Paytm cash earning. Paytm First Games boasts of over 300 games with a gaming community that's 4.5 Crores strong. Players can win special tournaments in the platform and can earn up to Rs.5 Crores in Paytm Cash.

Today , I am going to tell you about Pool King Pro – an app which provides you Instant paytm cash and you can earn paytm cash by playing 8 Ball Pool . It is one of the best Self Earning app .

POOL KING PRO is actually India’s one of the most popular online – real money gaming platform of 8 ball pool game . It is a self earning application where you can earn money in very short period of time without investment.

8 ball pool paytm cash game

Pool Paytm Cash Game

How to Start Earning In Pool King Pro ?

  • Once You download the app then you have to register using your PAYTM number or your facebook account .
  • Then after registration you will get Rs 10 sign up bonus which you can use for playing contests .

We can play 5 types of cash contests in POOL KING PRO to earn paytm cash which includes following entry fee :

How to Earn Bonus for Contests ?

  • As I explained above this application doesn’t need any investment , you will get sign up bonus of Rs 10 which you can use to join contests and earn paytm cash for free.
  • You can also earn additional Cash bonus by using the ‘Spin Wheel’ Option .
  • The next option you will get in this app is “ADD CASH” , from where you can add money through your PAYTM wallet and can play games .
  • Last option for getting money to pay entry fees is “REFER AND EARN” option .

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Refer and Earn System :

“Refer and Earn” system of this application is amazing . You will get Rs 60 per refer when your invited person complete his registration and deposit something . You can fully use this amount to play games . Note that you also need to deposit something if you want to earn refer bonus .

You cannot withdraw money directly that you earn through refer .

Leaderboard System :

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Lucky tiger casino no deposit bonus codes september 2020. There is another option through which we can earn a lot of paytm cash which is Leaderboard . There are three types of leaderboards available in the app .

1: Daily 2: Weekly 3: Monthly

We get 1 Point for each 1Rs Entry fee paid and the more points we earn ,the more reward we get once the leaderboard reset . In daily leaderboard in Pool King Pro , we can earn upto 200Rs whereas in Weekly and Monthly leaderboard , we can even earn upto 3000Rs .

Therefore , It is also another best option to earn money in Pool King Pro .

Withdrawal Process :

The amount you want to withdraw will be credited only to the PAYTM WALLET also the mobile number used to log in should be registered with PAYTM .

Minimum withdrawl limit of POOL KING PRO is Rs 50.

Withdrawl system of this application is amazing as you will get instant payment in your PAYTM .

Pool Paytm Cash Game 2020

Merits of Pool King Pro :

  • Easy Earning just by playing 8 ball pool .
  • No limit on daily earning .
  • Start Earning without any Investment .
  • Refer and earn system is amazing , you will get Rs 60 per refer .
  • Instant payments .
  • You can play practise games by using chips instead of using money .
  • Less time consuming application .

Demerits of Pool King Pro :

  • If you don’t know about proper technique of playing 8 ball pool , you will lose your money .
  • You are not allowed to put the app in the background . you will lose the game if you put your app in the background .
  • We can withdraw upto Rs 2000 daily .
  • Currently Only Paytm is available for Withdrawal .

Free Paytm Cash

So this was all about this article , I hope your all doubts about POOL KING PRO are now clear however for more detailed information you can check my video on my channel . In next article , I will tell you about other amazing self earning apps .

Till then “keep learning and keep earning” .