Get Paid To Search The Web And Play Games

Posted By admin On 03/09/21

You never thought there was such a thing? We usually hear of sites that pay you to take surveys or to write. But hardly do you ever hear of sites where you get paid to play games online.

Over the years this winning site has allowed me to buy gifts and necessities by simply doing searches, finding codes, discovering neat offers, watching ad videos, playing games, and more. We earn points that can be exchanged for Gift Cards and my favorite, CASH! IRazoo members can share tips and updates by joining the iRazoo Facebook Page. With inbox dollars, you get paid to search the web and to complete other tasks like playing games, reading emails, taking surveys, amongst other things. When all the points you have earned on the platform are up to a $30 equivalent, you are eligible to request for payment, which is.

Now all the lazy hours you spent playing games are going to pay you.! Get paid to play games you enjoy online.

Although it doesn’t necessarily mean you should quit your day job and go into full-time gaming unless the money is extremely worth it. But it is a great way to earn extra cash.

This article highlights 11 sites that pay to play games online for free. Here they are;

  1. SwagBucks
  2. SwagBucks live
  3. Inboxdollars
  4. Bananatic
  5. QuickRewards
  6. Mistplay
  8. FeaturePoints
  9. World winner
  10. MyPoints

1. SwagBucks

SwagBucks is one of the most diverse money-making websites that pay you SwagBucks by performing simple tasks like answering surveys, shopping, watching videos and playing video games.

It has thousands of amazing and unique games and tasks to complete, which means you have the opportunity to play without getting bored and make more money.

You get paid to play games like deal or no deal, Wheels of Fortune, poker, solitaire and so much more. Although some of these games will require a purchase, you will get a cashback on every dollar you spend on any game you play.

For each game or task you complete you get a SB, each SB is worth about $0.01. However, the best ways to make money while playing the games is by utilizing their promotional offers. It also gives out $7,000 gift cards per day and you can get 10% of your earnings if you refer a friend.

The total amount of SB you earn is redeemed and paid into your PayPal account. For instance, 2,500 points is equivalent to $25 that is paid into your PayPal.

However, you must be above 13 years old to register and reside in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland or India.

Sign up to SwagBucks here.

2. SwagBucks live

SwagBucks live was formerly known as Swag IQ. This is a trivia game that is run by SwagBucks, it is one of their newest ventures that also provides great ways to win SBs and earn money.

It is easily available on iOS and Android free of cost. Each weekday they host trivia games that are only 10 questions long, which mean you don’t get to play for long hours just to get a chance to win. Although the questions can be tricky, players get to choose from a selection of multiple choice answers. The game allows you to play against other players.

The winner of each game is offered a cash prize—that is answering all 10 questions correctly—and if there happens to be more than one winner, the cash prize is shared amongst them.

However, if you get fail one question you are disqualified from that game. You would gain SB coins for the questions you got correctly, you can use those coins to buy another chance in the game. If you lose again, the prize for that game is no longer yours to win.

The app also has bonus games that you can play, if you cannot partake in the daily live shows, it is also another chance to earn some SB.

To join SwagBucks live click here

3. Inboxdollars

Inboxdollars is a major get paid to play games site that has been existing since 2000. It features about 30 web-based arcade games. Just like SwagBucks, you get paid to play games online and complete other short tasks.

Inboxdollars is another cool way to earn money. Popular games like solitaire, angry birds, wheel of fortune and even action games like monkey bubble shooter are the kind of games you will find and lots more. The games are powered by WorldWinners, if you’re signed up there, you should check out Inboxdollars too!

If you intend to spend money on token packs to play games, they will recompense you with 18% cashback of the amount you spent. So it’s a good way to earn some extra cash. Inboxdollars also have free games where you can earn some money. Also, you get $5 when you sign in as a welcome gift. Sign up here.

4. Bananatic

Bananatic is one of the best get paid to play games websites. It also allows you to earn money by writing reviews and testing out their new games.

The bananas you earn can be redeemed for rewards like gift cards, free PayPal money, games and more by completing quests. You win by finishing a certain number of rounds or achieving a certain score in the game. They also have other tasks with which you can earn more bananas.

Once your quest has been completed, you screenshot as proof and submit. Bananas will be sent to your account within 48 hours once your screenshots have been confirmed.

Bananatic also creates an opportunity to connect with other like-minded players and build an online community on the gaming platform. Sign up here.

5. QuickRewards

QuickRewards is another Get-Paid-To site just like SwagBucks and Inboxdollars, where you can earn money from shopping online, web surfing, surveys and playing games.

The games are in the form of trivia games, guessing games like “Guess My Number” and more. There are 50 unique reward options to choose from. Even though they may not earn you a bulky amount of money, it is still a good way to earn some little extra cash just by playing cool games and doing other tasks.

Players must reside in Canada, United States or United Kingdom and be at 18 years old to register. Sign up here.

6. Mistplay

Mistplay is also an app that pays you to play games. It is an app that is available on Android devices while the iOS version is still in development.

As usual, you earn points for playing new games and sometimes for testing. The more games you play and the longer you play the games; the more points you earn. The points you earn can be redeemed for rewards in the form of a variety of gift cards.

They have weekly contests available and also an opportunity to chat with friends and build an online community.

7. formerly known as XY gaming is a gaming platform that allows you to compete with other players thereby, giving you a chance to win huge cash prizes if you win.

They select games that are available on your console, such as Xbox, PlayStation or computer instead of web-based games. You connect those consoles to and compete with other players.

Some tournaments are free while others require an entry fee. The free tournaments, 50/50 tournaments (where players who finish in the top 50% are rewarded), and the double tournaments (winners are rewarded double of their entry fee).

They pair you up with players who have a similar skill level as you so you get a better and fair chance of winning. You must be at least 18 years old and reside in Alabama or Nebraska to register. Although worldwide players can join but check with your country’s requirements on age and legitimacy on playing games for cash prizes. Sign up here.

8. Feature points

FeaturePoints is another site that not only pays you to play games but also to download your game apps. They have a variety of ways you can earn money such as online shopping, taking surveys, partaking in a contest. If you refer a friend, they give 10% of their earnings without deducting from their earnings.

One good thing about FeaturePoints is, you can try out different new app games while allowing you to earn cash at the same time.

The points you earn will be converted to cash via PayPal, gift cards or even bitcoin depending on your choice. Sign up here.

9. WorldWinner

WorldWinner formerly known as GSN gaming is just like where players compete with each other for the cash prize.

They have several free games to play for fun and also tournaments that you can play with other players. Before you choose a game, you can see how many players you’ll be paired with, how much the reward money is and how much the entry fee cost.

If you emerge as the winner of a tournament, the reward money will be credited into your GSN account and you can cash them out via PayPal, prepaid credit or check. The reward money can be up to $500,000 every day in the tournament games.

10. MyPoints

MyPoints is a ‘Get-Paid-To’ site that allows players to sign up for free, play free online games and earn money from them, you can also earn money from other activities, such as taking a survey, shopping, watching videos and reading emails.

It is also available as an app and a website, you also get 25 points extra when you refer someone using your referral link. It features cool games, such as casino games, GSN games and lots more.


Getting paid to search online might seem like a “too good to be true” kind of scenario, but it is 100% legit!

There are actually search engines and websites that pay you for performing your searches through them.

Searching has become a normal part of our life. And obviously, Google is the dominant search engine. From being a made-up word in 1998, Google, has gone on to become a verb in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

These days most people just say, Google it!” instead of “search for it”.

Wanna learn how to make money online? Google it!

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Wanna know how to boil eggs? Google it!

Wanna learn how to tie a tie? Google it!

And that’s one of the reasons search engines like Bing will actually pay you to use their search engines. To compete with Google, they have to offer incentives to internet users and what better incentive than cash, right?

There are also GPT and rewards sites that pay you to surf online and search through their site. And in this post, we’ll cover all of them.

Get paid to search on Google. Can you?

So, seeing that it’s the most used search engine on the planet, a lot of people wonder whether you can actually earn money by searching Google.

Unfortunately, you can’t!

Google doesn’t have any reward programs like the one Microsoft has. Although there are many ways to make money with Google, like legit Google work at home jobs. There is also an indirect way to make money from Google search by fixing its mistakes. More on that later!

For now, let’s start with search sites and Get Paid To programs that do reward you for searching.

Sites that Pay You to Search Online

Here are a few examples of legit websites and programs that reward you simply for using their search engine:

1. Microsoft Rewards – $0.001 per search

Bing, from Microsoft, likes to think of itself as the major competitor to Google.

In fact, it has about 20% of all search volume, compared to Google’s 60% plus, but that still makes it number 2 in the industry.

To encourage users it has created a reward program known as Microsoft Rewards (formerly known as Bing Rewards) which is very simple to use.

To start earning, sign up for a free Microsoft Rewards account here. Then do your searches through Bing. For every search you perform, you earn points that can be redeemed for rewards like gift cards, sweepstakes entries, nonprofit donations, and more.

How much can you make with Microsoft Rewards?

I earn 5 points per search when I use Microsoft Rewards, but I am a level two member.

When you first sign up for Microsoft Rewards, you’ll be a level one member. At level one you can earn up to 5 points a day or 150 points a month. As you search, you’ll earn points and progress to Level 2.

At Level two, you can earn up to 20 points a day or 600 points a month.

To get a $5 gift card, you need about 5,000 points. This means that one Microsoft point is worth $0.001.

How do you get paid?

Your credits can be paid out in 3 different ways.

  1. The main one is as gift cards, which you can choose for Amazon, Starbucks, Burger King, and other places.
  2. Secondly, there are a limited number of subscriptions you can get for credits, for example, Skype or Hulu.
  3. Or third, if you fancy your chances you can use your credits to enter sweepstakes. Bing runs sweepstakes for various things such as a Surface Pro or Xbox, charging a different number of credits for the different entries.

Pro tip: To make sure you never miss any earning opportunity, change your default search engine to Bing on your web browser so that you do not have to remember to go to Bing for your searches.

Or you can install the Bing search as a browser toolbar. You can even link in your smartphone, so you get credits from using that too.

2. Swagbucks – $0.03 – $0.39 per search.

I recently wrote about making money with Swagbucks and shared a few ways to make an easy $758,25 a year with it.

Get paid to search the web and play games

This is one of the major rewards sites, rewarding you for doing many things that you already do online, such as playing games, completing surveys, as well as searches. You can check out the whole list online.

You get rewarded with SwagBucks, which is just another term for points, as SwagBucks are nowhere near worth a buck! But over time, they build up, and you can use them to get free gift cards, cash from PayPal, or to enter contests.

1 SB is worth about $0.01. So to redeem a $5 gift card or PayPal payment, you’d need 500 Swag Bucks.

Here’s where you can get the Swagbucks app:

  • Download Swagbucks for Android devices here.
  • Download Swagbucks for iOS devices here.

3. InboxDollars – Earn $0.05 to $0.25 for searches per day

Inbox Dollars is a more comprehensive program, which allows you to gain points or credits in other ways, as well as searching.

For instance, you might take a survey for additional points.

Each day, you can earn about 2 to 3 scratch cards for using InboxDollars Search. This works out at $0.05 to $0.25 in earnings or an extra $1.50 to $7.50 a month.

And once you have earned $30, you can request to be paid.

You can get your earnings through:

  • PayPal
  • Check
  • Gift cards for places like Amazon

Here’s where you can get the InboxDollars app:

  • Download InboxDollars for iOS devices here.
  • Download InboxDollars for Android devices here.

By the way, they are currently giving a free $5 sign up bonus for new users.

4. Qmee – Earn $0.05 – $1 per search with Qmee.

Qmee is one of several other search reward programs listed here. It is a browser extension and allows you to search with other search engines.

It simply provides additional results on a sidebar. Each result has a value shown, and if you click on the result, your account is credited with the value.

Qmee has no minimum cash-out amount either so you can withdraw your earnings at any time.

You can get your earnings sent to your PayPal account within minutes. Or you can get an Amazon gift card.

Here’s where you can get the Qmee app:

  • Download Qmee for Android devices here.
  • Download Qmee for iOS devices here.
  • Download the Qmee Chrome Extension here.

5. iRazoo – earns you $0.0016 – $0.04 per search. pays you for doing searches.

You’ll earn 1 to 25 points for each search you make using the site’s search engine, iRazoo Search.

Earnings are capped at 25 points a day.

To qualify for any $5 reward, you’ll need to have 3,000 points in your account.

3,000 iRazoo points is worth $5. So one point is worth about $0.0016.

You can withdraw your earnings to your PayPal account.

Or you can get your money on a gift card for retailers, like:

  • Amazon
  • Best Buy
  • AMC Theatres
  • Xbox One
  • Target
  • GameStop
  • PlayStation
  • Walmart
  • Barnes & Noble

A quick note, has long been a popular site. And when you look up anything about getting paid to search the internet, iRazoo is mentioned. I reviewed iRazoo recently, and it seems that the site may not be as good as it used to be. Please do read my iRazoo review to learn more.

6. PCH Search & Win – Earn prizes for searching

In case you don’t recognize it, PCH stands for Publishers Clearing House, which runs a regular huge sweepstakes for millions of dollars.

But with PCH Search, you can earn points to enter other contests, and you automatically get entered in a daily sweepstakes every day you log in.

While it’s worth checking in to be entered, the points can’t be translated into cash but only buy contest entries, so you can’t look at this one for a regular income.

7. instaGC – Pay per search varies.

Get paid to search the internet with InstaGC. It’s like Swagbucks where you can get paid for doing lots of different tasks online.

In addition to getting paid to search the internet, you can also get paid for:

  • Completing surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Shopping online

Redeem your earnings for a gift card. There are more than 340 options to choose from.

You can get gift cards for places, like:

  • Amazon
  • Olive Garden
  • Petco
  • Pizza Hut
  • iTunes
  • Kohl’s
  • Marriot
  • Marshalls
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Netflix

So there are plenty of rewards available.

Get Paid for Browsing the Internet

Okay, so the sites above pay you for using their search engine. It’s super simple. But, searching online isn’t the only way we spend time searching the web.

We surf the internet while shopping, checking out the app store or playing games.

And there are websites out there that’ll pay you for doing all of that!

Here are even more websites that pay you for surfing the web.

8. Zap Surveys

Do you often share your opinion on the products and services you use on social media or in reviews?

Well, why not get paid for your opinion?

Yes, with survey sites you can make money sharing your opinion on a range of topics.

One survey site to check out is Zap Surveys. This site will pay you for taking surveys. But that’s not all. It also pays you for shopping. You can get up to 40% cashback when you shop with more than 50 retailers that the site’s partnered with.

There are a few ways to redeem your earnings:

  • Money to your PayPal account.
  • Amazon eGift cards.
  • Visa eGift cards

Here’s where you can get the Zap Surveys app:

  • Download Zap Surveys for iOS devices here.
  • Download Zap Surveys for Android devices here.

9. 1Q

Get paid just for answering questions with 1Q. You get $0.25 each time you answer a simple question. You get your money to your PayPal account or you can donate it to charity if you want.

Here’s where you can get the app:

  • Download 1Q for iOS devices here.
  • Download 1Q for Android devices here.

10. Wikibuy

While you’re searching the internet for that new TV or looking to buy some clothes, Wikibuy works in the background to earn you free gift cards!

Awesome, right?

It’s a browser extension that finds coupon codes and applies the best ones at the checkout. This means you save money automatically.

And when you buy stuff online, you’ll earn Wikibuy credits that you can redeem for gift cards!

Here’s where you can get the Wikibuy app:

  • You can get the browser extension here.
  • Download Wikibuy for iOS devices here.
  • Download Wikibuy for Android devices here.

11. Honey

Like Wikibuy, Honey will find you coupon codes and apply them at the checkout. So while you’re shopping online, the browser extension finds you all the best deals, promo codes and savings, even helping you to get discounts for Amazon!

12. Rakuten (Formerly Ebates)

Make money right to your PayPal account just for shopping online as you normally would with Rakuten. This site gives you up to 40% cashback at more than 2,500 stores.

There are even coupons, promo codes, and daily deals available. Aside from PayPal payments, Rakuten also allows you to get your money by check or on a gift card to retailers like Walmart.

In fact, just for signing up for the site, you’ll get a $10 bonus!

Here’s where you can get the app:

  • Download Rakuten for Android devices here.

13. Extrabux

Extrabux is another awesome browser extension that’ll pay you for shopping online – something you do already, right?

You can get up to 30% cashback at more than 9,000 stores!

Here’s where you can get the app:

  • Get the browser extension here.

14. FeaturePoints

FeaturePoints gives you money for doing activities, like trying out free apps and shopping online. So stuff you likely do already when you surf the web.

You can earn points for taking surveys as well. You can redeem points for money right to your PayPal account or get a gift card for places like

  • Amazon
  • Xbox
  • GameStop
  • Target
  • Walmart

Here’s where you can get the FeaturePoints app:

  • Download FeaturePoints for iOS devices here.
  • Download FeaturePoints for Android devices here.

15. Dabbl

Dabbl pays you for your opinion, for playing fun games and quizzes and for watching videos.

You can get your earnings on a gift card for places, like:

  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Disney
  • Target
  • Spotify
  • Best Buy
  • Marshalls

Here’s where you can get the app:

  • Download Dabbl for iOS devices here.
  • Download Dabbl for Android devices here.

16. AppTrailers

You probably see a lot of trailers online anyway, so why not get paid for watching them?

With AppTrailers you earn money when you watch video trailers of apps, celebrity gossip, DIY videos and more. You can even make money playing trivia games.

You can redeem your money to your PayPal account or get gift cards for places like Amazon and Target.

Here’s where you can get the AppTrailers app:

  • Download AppTrailers for iOS devices here.
  • Download AppTrailers for Android devices here.

17. MobileXpression

Market research app MobileXpression gives you credits just for having it installed. So basically you’re paid to use your phone and search the internet as you normally would.

It’s simple! Join the panel and you’ll earn rewards.

The panel is designed to study the trends and behaviors of people who’re using the mobile internet. You can earn cash, gift cards, and merch.

Here’s where you can get the app:

  • Download MobileXpression for iOS devices here.
  • Download MobileXpression for Android devices here.

18. ZoomBucks

ZoomBucks gives you cash for doing things like completing offers, watching videos and taking surveys. You can redeem your earnings for money to your PayPal account.

Or you can get a gift card for places like:

  • Amazon
  • Steam wallet (get even more free steam wallet codes here.)
  • Robux

19. TopCashBack

TopCashback gives you money just for shopping online! You get cashback at more than 4,400 stores! Tap tap money earning apk.

You can get your cash sent to your PayPal account or get an Amazon gift card.

Here’s where you can get the app:

  • Download TopCashBack for iOS devices here.
  • Download TopCashBack for Android devices here.

20. GrabPoints

GrabPoints pays you for doing things you probably already do, like:

  • Watching videos
  • Downloading apps
  • Completing offers
  • Taking surveys

You’ll get your earnings sent to your PayPal account. Or you can get a gift card for places like Amazon.

The best part is that you get $5 just for signing up!

21. Mistplay

Mistplay will give you points for playing games! Yes, if you like playing games online anyway, you may as well get paid for it!

Select the game you want and start playing to earn points. The more you play, the more points you’ll earn.

You can redeem your points for gift cards like:

  • Visa
  • Amazon
  • Google Play
  • iTunes
  • PlayStation

Here’s where you can get the app:

  • Download Mistplay for Android devices here.

22. ShopAtHome

Again, if you’re shopping online you may as well get paid for it! So why not give ShopAtHome a try?

This app gives you cashback at more than 2,000 stores.

You can have your money sent to your PayPal account. Or get a gift card to retailers like Amazon.

Just for signing up you’ll get a $10 welcome bonus! You can get this as PayPal cash or as an Amazon gift card.

Here’s where you can get the app:

  • Download ShopAtHome for iOS devices here.
  • Download ShopAtHome for Android devices here.

23. Paribus

Get Paid To Search The Web And Play Games

When you buy something online and it later goes on sale, you miss out on some great savings. But with Paribus, you don’t have to!

Paribus will scour your inbox for receipts and if it finds an item there that’s recently dropped in price, it will get you a refund for the difference!

It monitors prices of a lot of different stores, and when prices drop, you get a rebate. It’s so simple.

Here’s where you can get the browser extension:

Get Paid To Search The Web And Play Games Online

  • Download Paribus for your device here.

Making Money as a Search Engine Evaluator

As you can see, these sites are great for you can use these sites to earn extra money without working an actual job.

But they can’t replace your 9-5 job. But there are a few options if you are looking for full time jobs that are related to searching and search engines.


By becoming a search engine evaluator!

You know it’s incredible the way search engines work, giving you results from the billions of web pages that are available.

And to stay on top of it, the search companies have to continually improve, trying to give the user the best possible results so that they are happy to use that particular search engine.

This is where the job opportunity comes in.

You can become what is called a Search Engine Evaluator.

The position involves user-testing the search engines and providing feedback for improvements.

It’s a proper job, and reportedly you can earn between $12 and $15 per hour though some fast operators claim to earn up to $20 per hour.

You are employed as an independent contractor and can expect to be given a 1099 tax form at the end of the year for declaring your earnings.

The basic job involves looking at search results and reporting back which are the better ones, based on criteria that you are given. The company knows what it wants to see, and will give you clear guidelines so you can assess the results.

Although there is no real training for a job like this, the company that employs you will want to know that you can do a decent job, so you will go through some testing before they accept you. They may also want to interview you, although as it is an online job this doesn’t happen often.

Where to find Search Engine Evaluator jobs

The following companies are all involved with the Universal Human Relevance System (UHRS) service, which is what being a Search Engine Evaluator comes under.

They are micro-task sites, which means they have many different small tasks available for freelancers, with the UHRS work being one of them.

  1. Lionbridge.

Update on a Few Other Paid Search Engines

When I originally wrote this post a few years back, there were many sites that paid you to search as well. Unfortunately, since then, some of those sites have shut down.
I’m going to add them here in case you were wondering “what happened to CashCrate” or other sites like it.
They include:

  • Google Screenwise (Now it seems to be a survey panel)
  • SendEarnings (exiting members can transfer their earnings to SE’s sister site, InboxDollars)
  • GiftHulk
  • CashCrate

As you can see from this post, the good news is that now there are many other search engines that pay to search and surf the web. So you still have a lot of options for making a little extra cash on the side for something you already do online anyway.

Get Paid To Search The Web And Play Games Like

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for make money from home online, working as a Search Engine Evaluator (or indeed some of the other micro tasks that these sites offer) can give you an interesting and satisfying job.

Get Paid To Search The Web And Play Games Free

It’s also exciting to know that you are helping to continually improve the user experience.

Get Paid To Search The Web And Play Games Without

Even if you’re not open to a full or part-time job in the field, you might want to try one or more of the other rewards programs and get paid for searching the web. Something that you probably already do every day anyway.