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Posted By admin On 05/09/21

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(SPOT.ph) Have you gotten into mobile gaming recently? If you’re the only one in your squad who’s hooked or you are simply looking for fellow Mobile Legends and Call of Duty gamers out there, there’s an app for that: Calamansi.

Yes, the Calamansi app that used to be a platform for everything Pinoy has now become a community for local gamers. “[It’s now a] marketplace for gamers to find their favorite teammates,” says operations head Chen Wang in an online conversation with SPOT.ph. They made the pivot from being a short-video content platform in July upon noticing the boom of gaming content as a category in the app’s previous iteration, and that gamers were the most active users. Calamansi is focusing on Mobile Legends and Call of Duty first, but they also plan to include more games in the near future.


Earn Gcash Money Games

Calamansi also plans to launch features such as speed dating and karaoke parties.

PHOTO Screenshot from Calamansi app

Aside from being able to connect with fellow players, you can play and earn at the same time with Calamansi’s Game Idol feature. The official site of Calamansi describes Game Idols as “people who have a deep passion for a certain game or certain skill.”

You can swipe left and right while looking for an Idol.

PHOTO Screenshot from Calamansi app

Looking for a fellow player? You can use their filter if you want to be specific.

PHOTO Screenshot from Calamansi app

How To Earn Free Money On Gcash

As a Game Idol, you can schedule game time from people in the community who want to play either of the two games mentioned and earn after every game. To sign up, you just need to fill out a form. Once you get accepted and finish the idol training camp, you can start receiving 'orders' from people who want to set up a game with you. Each 'order' earns you P25. If you want to agree to a game, just accept, schedule the game time, be there at the private chat room, and play! You get to collect your P25 after each game. Once you've played enough to earn at least P500, you can get your earnings transferred through GCash. Note, though, that this may take up to 21 business days. Calamansi also plans to roll out other modes for cashouts soon.

Earn Gcash Games

Vegas7games software. Curious about what a Game Idol does and how orders work? Check out the video below:

Apart from Game Idols, Calamansi also plans to launch Singing Idols and Social Audio Chat Rooms in the future.

Earn Money Playing Games Gcash

Calamansi is available on Google Play and App Store. For more information, check out Calamansi’s Facebook page.

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Gcash Games Earn Money Legit 2021