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We reviewed the top 10 sites you can earn free gift cards by playing games. Here we shall also give you tips you can implement while playing games for gift cards.

Dec 28, 2020 Spend $20 online at your favorite retailer via the Mypoints website, and you will get your first 1,750 points which are redeemable for a free $10 Amazon Card. Want to earn more than $10, no problem? In addition to online shopping, you can earn points redeemable for gift cards for watching videos, taking surveys, and playing games. You can also earn gift cards by playing games here. The credits that you could earn from this site can be converted to gift cards from different online retailers when you want to make your withdrawals. Examples of retailers that you could find include Amazon, Starbucks, Groupon, CVS, Target and also iTunes.

Tips To Consider Before Joining Sites To Earn free Gift Cards Playing Games

As you will see in the course of this article, there are a lot of options available for playing games online and earning gift cards in the process but there are a couple of things that you should know when you want to make the decision to start playing games online for gift cards and even before you sign up for your very first website. How can i earn money for free. These are the things that I will let you in on in this section of the article.

The first thing that you should really look out for and do when you first visit any website that allows you earn money to play games or do anything at all on their site is to read the fine print on the site. It is important that you take out time to do this because every site has its own set of rules and regulations and you need to know and become conversant with all these rules and regulations because they could contribute to making or marring your progress and earnings on these sites.

You also need to read the rules and regulations so that you can get an idea of how the website works and how they expect you to compete. It is in this section that you will know whether you need to make some form of deposit before you will be allowed to play or if you could play and earn for free. you will also become conversant with vital information like the kinds of tournaments they hold on the website if they do and how they organize these tournaments including what is expected of you in the process of the tournament to give you a chance to win.

The prize reward of the tournament and contests will also be made known to you amongst these rules and regulations. So, you see, there are a lot of positive benefits to taking out time to read through this document or this section of the website because it will save you a lot of hassle and trouble at the end of the day.

The next tip that you should really pay attention to is the fact that gaming addictions also exist. So, you need to be really careful because while playing all these games in a bid to make more money, you could get addicted without really giving it much thought.

You need to strategically give thought to the fact that you will be spending a lot of time playing games and hence the need for plans on how to make the best use of your time so that you can schedule your game playing sessions so that you don’t earn yourself an addiction together with the rewards you will be earning at the same time.

it is very possible to get into this addiction fix especially in a situation where you are in the position to make money in the process. You need to take note of all the time that you are spending playing these games and you also need to create a structure and revisit that structure every time you realize that playing these games is interfering with your personal relations with family, relatives, friends and even corporate relationships too.

You also need to cut back on the time you spend playing these games if you realize that these sessions you spend playing games is affecting your responsibilities and work negatively. It is not a do or die affair and it should be structured in moderately so that is balanced with every other facet of your life.

The next tip that I will be sharing with you is closely related to the one I just shared previously. This one on the other hand, has to do with the amount of money you spend playing these games. Now, in the course of the article, you will learn that some of these sites and opportunities require you to put in some cash to be able to earn some more if you win.

Earn Amazon Money By Playing Games In Nepal

Now, it is very important that for sites like this, you pay very close attention to the budget that you have set out for playing these games.

You really need to decide the amount of money you want to spend playing these games even before you start playing the games if you choose to play games that require you to play to participate in the gaming process. Doing this will help you curb the appetite to keep paying more money in the hopes that you could win some more when you make your next deposit. This will also help you ensure that you don’t get to spend money that you have set aside for other responsibilities like your feeding, school fees, bills or other things that are very important to you and your family.

You should always stick to the budget that you have kept for playing games and don’t add an extra amount once you have exhausted that amount. The only time to use more than you have set aside for playing games is when you are depositing the earnings that you have made from playing those games themselves. In the absence of that tiny loophole I just gave you, you have no business touching extra money.

The reason I am emphasizing on this is because playing with money for money can be very addictive. It is just like gambling and gambling is a very addictive exercise to venture into. If you have or have had issues with gambling prior to now, don’t bother playing games that you need to pay before playing because there is no guarantee that you will be able to control the urges you may have as a result of your intentions.

Once you have all these tips checked and under control, then you can go ahead and start playing games online for money because you are now assured of staying under control pf both your time and money and also by reading the rules and regulations of each site, you are sure to stay out of trouble and get your earnings when it is time to.

Top 10 Sites To Earn Free Gift Cards Playing Games:


App Nana is another application that pay you through free gift cards for downloading an application or a game and using that application or game. They also pay their members in form of points since they use the points rewarding system and, on this platform, the points accrued are called Nanas. These Nanas, when due, can be redeemed for gift cards that could be used to purchase any paid item being an application or game from your application store.


Lucktastic is an application that will pay you in form of tokens for playing games on their site. The games however, have to played through their mobile application which when downloaded, helps you to accumulate points or tokens as you play more games. When you invite your friends or refer other people to get signed up, download the app and start playing, you will be awarded with more tokens and when you have accumulated up to or above the minimum withdrawal threshold, you can redeem your tokens for gift cards from online retailers and even offline retailers like Domino’s Pizza, Walmart, Amazon, Dunkin Donuts and also JC Penny.


Appdown is an application that pays you for playing games on your smart phone. When you download and try to play the newest games, you get rewards and when you refer your friends to use the application to also try out new game releases, you also earn more in terms of referral bonuses.

The application is compatible with both Android devices and iOS devices.


Bananatic is a website that will reward you for playing games through their website. With this site, you get to earn rewards in form of Bananas and you can redeem these bananas for gift free cards. The games that are available to play on this site are quite interesting so, beyond earning free gift cards, you also get to have fun in the process. Other ways to earn on this site asides from playing games involve completing offers and different tasks and also engaging in shopping online through their site.


App Cent is a mobile application that will pay you to download applications and play different online games through their application. They have lots of featured applications and when you download any of these applications, you get awarded with coins that could be redeemed in terms of gift cards from different online retailers. The great thing about this application is that most of the apps that are featured for downloads if not all, are free to download.

Different applications when downloaded will pay you different amounts so you can never be so sure as to which application will pay you more than the other. My candid advice would be to download anyone you see as you can easily uninstall them later.

  • 6 PCH.COM

PCH Games is a gaming platform that is developed by Publisher’s Clearing House and you could make a lot of huge wins on this site by playing games. They also organize sweepstakes that have about $1000 up for winning to their members.


This is another mobile application that allows their members to earn more credits as they discover and use new mobile applications and games. The app helps you find these new applications and games and when you download and start using them, you get to earn some credits. If you refer your friends and other people to start using the application, you also get to earn more as a referral bonus. You can also earn gift cards by playing games here.

The credits that you could earn from this site can be converted to gift cards from different online retailers when you want to make your withdrawals. Examples of retailers that you could find include Amazon, Starbucks, Groupon, CVS, Target and also iTunes. The application is total free to download.


Opinion Outpost is a very popular survey site that has a pretty quick sign up process. The site is free to join and once you are able to complete the sign-up process, you will be allowed to start taking surveys and getting rewards in form of points on this website. These points can be redeemed in form of gift cards from different popular retail stores like iTunes and Amazon. You can also redeem your points in form of cash that can be withdrawn via PayPal if you don’t want to get gift cards.

Earn Amazon Money By Playing Games

They also have giveaways that they organize quarterly for their members. In the course of the giveaways, they put up as much $10,000 up for grabs and you can have as much entries as you want depending on the amount of surveys you complete during the period because every survey that you complete qualifies you for an entry. This means that the more surveys you complete, the higher your chances are of winning the ten thousand dollars ($10,000).


Earn Amazon Money By Playing Games Online

Panel Pay Day is a website that you could use to source for online survey opportunities that will earn you rewards that could be in form of cash or other gift cards or even products. You can find surveys and sign up for them and also get paid. All they do is basically connect you to the different survey sites that have surveys available for you to take. One point that you need to note is that Panel PayDay does not pay you directly instead, all the different sites that you have completed surveys for will pay you and you can redeem your payment in form of gift cards.


Harris Poll Online is another website that allows their members to earn for taking surveys online. For every survey that a member takes on the site, they get to ear rewards in form of HiPoints. Taking surveys as well as signing up are free of charge and when you have accumulated enough HiPoints, you can redeem them for cash or gift cards. They also have sweepstakes that they organize and every survey that you complete even if you don’t qualify for it at the end of the day, will earn you an entry into the sweepstakes. This means that the more surveys you try to complete, the more your chances are of winning the sweepstakes and earning more HiPoints which in turn will result in gift cards of higher value.

In conclusion, earning gift cards by playing games can be fun if you work with genuine websites. Remember you cannot get rich doing this and you must make sure to redeem your gift card as soon as you reach the minimum requirement. Hope this helps.

How To Make Money By Playing Games Online For Free

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