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Coin Master Free Spins & Coins Link


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Unlimited coins and spins for coin master

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Date Reward Link
14/06/2020 25 spin
14/06/2020 25 spin
14/06/2020 10 spin 1M coin
14/06/2020 2 million coins
14/06/2020 Balloon Frenzy link
12/06/2020 25 spin
12/06/2020 15 spin
11/06/2020 25 spin
11/06/2020 10 spin 1M coin
11/06/2020 10 spin 1M coin
11/06/2020 10 spin 1M coin
11/06/2020 Golden Card trade
10/06/2020 25 spin
10/06/2020 2 million coins
10/06/2020 25 spin
10/06/2020 10 spin 1M coin
09/06/2020 25 spin
09/06/2020 25 spin
09/06/2020 2 million coins
09/06/2020 25 spin
09/06/2020 10 spin 1M coin
09/06/2020 10 spin 1M coin
09/06/2020 Balloon Frenzy link
07/06/2020 10 spin 1M coin
07/06/2020 2 million coins
07/06/2020 2 million coins
07/06/2020 25 spin

Game Overview

Coin master is the combination of slot adventure and machine game which is also known as the social game. In the start of this game, you will get 75000 coins to build a village by using it. The game comes with 200 level and each level has different themes.

Your main goal is to win coins and build the town to move up on the next level.

They provide you 50 spins on a daily bases if you want to get more then you have to pay or it otherwise waits 24 hours to get other 50.

Types of Items

Items have five different types which include pets, characters, transport, homes and nature. You will get a reward after all 3 reels hit the match but the rewards depend on the symbol. Let’s have a look at the symbols and it’s rewarding.

Shield Protection for your town and helps to lose a lack of coins during the attack
Hammer Raid random Town and also you can get coins by attacking other's village.
Energy CapsuleExtra free spin
Pig Raid on current Coin Master
Coins More coins

Step by Step Method for Free Coins

Here we are going to tell you the step by step complete method of how to get coins. First of all, open the game and connect it with your Facebook account then open the Facebook account and go to the menu icon.

  • Check out the menu option and click on the account settings
  • In the account setting, look down you will see App’s option
  • Now, click on the login with Facebook
  • You will found an option “Coin Master” and press on it.
  • Then click on the remove alternative App
  • Now, open the game and enjoy it.

How to Complete Village?

As of the latest April 2020 updates, there are 221 levels of village and each Town comes with its unique features. When you build the town then you will move to the next level which will be the most difficult. To complete the next level you need more coins.

But question is that how many coins you need to beat the level? Below is the complete list of each town and it’s estimated coins needed.

13.1 millionLand of Vikings
25.2 millionAncient Egypt
39.5 millionSnowy Alps
413.2 millionInca
516.3 millionFar East
617.4 millionStone Age
720.6 millionSunny Hawaii
825.8 millionTroy
931.0 millionAfrica
1034.8 millionAtlantis
1135.8 millionThe Future
1237.4 millionWoodstock
1341.0 millionArabian Nights
1442.8 millionMoon Landing
1546.6 millionWild West
1648.3 millionNetherland
1751.3 millionJungle
1853.8 millionWonderland
1956.2 millionMiners
2060.0 millionThe Arctic
2161.0 millionApocalypse
2263.4 millionCandy Land
2364.2 millionArmy Camp
2467.3 millionHalloween
2566.6 million
The Tribe
2671.0 millionAustralia
2769.7 millionColumbus
2875.8 millionMexico
2981.0 millionMagical Forest
3085.7 millionIndia
3191.7 millionThe 50's
3297.2 millionThailand
33108.9 millionCoin Manor
34115.2 millionDragon Lair
35120.1 millionGreek Island
36126.3 millionLA Dreams
37134.0 millionThe Wizard
38141.5 millionOil Tyrant
39153.6 millionLa Familia
40163.8 millionArea 51
41165.1 millionNight of the Dead
42174.6 millionSteampunk Land
43180.5 millionThe Zoo
44192.3 millionRussia
45205.0 millionMusketeers
46216.2 millionLady Bug
47229.0 millionTheme Park
48251.5 millionTibet
49272.8 millionHell
50279.0 millionEaster
51282.9 millionJapan
52291.0 millionSwamp
53304.0 millionWizard of Oz
54320.7 millionTimbuktu
55345.3 millionJurassic Ville
56348.1 millionCanada
57368.4 millionMongolia
58384.1 millionJacks Beanstalks
59409.9 millionScotland
60433.1 millionRobin Hood
61453.3 millionDeep Sea
62483.4 millionDon Quixote
63505.3 millionColosseum
64523.0 millionCat Castle
65542.6 millionOlympus
66565.8 millionTrolls
67591.4 millionAliens
68630.0 millionDa Vinci
69658.5 millionSand Land
70694.8 millionElves
71726.2 millionSwitzerland
72773.7 millionTruckers
730.9 billionSpain
740.9 billion
Little Red
751.0 billionUnicorn
761.0 billionScientist
771.0 billionRomania
781.0 billionSingapore
791.1 billionTin Soldier
801.1 billionCrazy Bride
811.2 billionPilot
821.3 billionFairy Tale
831.4 billionCar Racing
841.4 billionGnome
851.4 billionDesert Punk
861.4 billionDetective
871.5 billionBaba Yaga
881.7 billionBarbarian
891.7 billionRestaurant
901.8 billionKing Arthur
911.8 billionSinbad
922.0 billionBikers Bar
932.1 billionCaribbean Resort
942.2 billionSuper Heroes
952.2 billionEgyptian Pyramids
962.3 billionOlympic Games
972.4 billionMountain Climbers
982.6 billionMilky Way
992.7 billionSki Slope
1002.8 billionRoyal Monkey
1012.8 billionSnow White
1023.1 billionGoblin Ghetto
1033.4 billionYemen
1043.4 billionWu Xing
1053.6 billionCircus
1063.7 billionYokai
1073.8 billionGolf Course
1084.1 billionLucha Libre
1094.2 billionCyber Cowboys
1104.6 billionRice Farmer
1114.7 billionCaptain Shipyard
1125.0 billionIrish Craic
1135.3 billionOktoberfest
1145.6 billionAmazon
1155.7 billionAztec
1165.8 billionForbidden City
1176.0 billionIce Queen
1186.4 billionSamurai
1196.7 billionSanta's Factory
1207.0 billionSoccer
1217.4 billionTennis
1227.8 billionThanksgiving
1238.2 billionToys
1248.5 billionVenice
1259.0 billionWitches
1269.2 billionYankee
1279.6 billionZanzibar
12810.2 billionMoby Dick
12910.6 billionTurkey
13011.3 billionArgentina
13111.8 billionBoxing Club
13212.6 billionCarnival
13313.1 billionDracula
13413.5 billionFuture Park
13514.3 billionGymnastics
13614.5 billionNew York
13715.1 billionSwamp Princess
13815.2 billionPunk Rock
13916.2 billionRailroad
14017.8 billionRio
14118.6 billionSpace Pirate
14219.8 billionMech Workshop
14320.7 billionJocke & Jonna
14421.1 billionColombia
14521.6 billionPetra
14622.0 billionMonkey Kingdom
14722.6 billionPersian Sultan
14822.9 billionDesert Party
14923.4 billion
15023.8 billionShaolin
15124.6 billionBaker Shop
15224.8 billionBilliard
15325.8 billionNoah's Ark
15426.8 billionDoomsday
15528.2 billionOrc
15629.0 billionFairy
15730.2 billion
Ice Age
15830.5 billionCleopatra
15931.3 billionValhalla
16032.0 billionSupervillain
16133.6 billionHorse Racing
16234.2 billionJazz Club
16334.5 billionFashion
16436.0 billionBarber Shop
16537.1 billionMermaid City
16637.9 billionStreet Dance
16738.8 billionSaloon Slickers
16840.6 billionCentaure
16941.8 billionDungeon Lair
17043.8 billionBrazil Amazon
17145.0 billionMorocco
17245.7 billionFirefighters
17346.6 billionJousting
17448.4 billionSculpture Workshop
17549.0 billionBabylon
17651.3 billionBoarding School
17752.8 billionMovie Set
17852.4 billionDino Ranch
17956.0 billionAmerican Football
18057.7 billionBeauty and the Beast
18159.6 billionGalapagos
18261.4 billionRobo Tech Girl
18364.1 billionDarwin
18464.9 billionDinner
18567.0 billionMad Hatter
18668.6 billionSan Fransisco
18770.5 billionRally Racing
18872.9 billionMadagascar
18975.4 billionPolice Station
19076.8 billionBee Hive
19179.1 billionNapoleon
19282.2 billionBasketball
19384.8 billionFilm Noir
19487.3 billionBaseball
19589.7 billionPet Saloon
19692.6 billionScouts Camp
19795.4 billionLeprechaun
19898.2 billionAthletics
199101.1 billionBurglar
200104.2 billionIce Hockey
201Talk Show106.9 billion
202Havana110.6 billion
203Cyber Future113.8 billion
204Magic Show115.2 billion
205Arcade117.4 billion
206Jamaica122.6 billion
207Louise The 16th126.8 billion
208Sea Master Park130.2 billion
209Zombie Boogie133.4 billion
210Motorbike136.6 billion
211County Folk Band139.8 billion
212Trainer of Dragons144.2 billion
213China Wall150.4 billion
214Mail Man155.6 billion
215Theatre159.8 billion
216Grand Biking Tour163.2 billion
217Space Cleaners167.4 billion
218Dwarf Workshop171.6 billion
219Swimming Pool176.8 billion
220Odysseus180.2 billion
221Haunted House187.6 billion

Other Resources to Get Spins & Coins

There are not as many resources to get the spins as you are thinking. The game offered 50 spins daily. But keep in mind, if you get daily spins once from another resource then these links will not work for you. If you want to get more then you can also connect with your friend on Facebook. In case, that’s not enough for you then you can buy it with real money.

Chest Card Collection

Coin Master Mod Free Spinner

You will see a variety of reward after completing the card collection. If you see the rare cards then you have more rare chance to achieve it. That’s why people do card trading to complete the collection. Through chest is the only way to get these card.

Coin Master Free Daily Spins

To get the specific rarity of a card is only up to the chest that which chest you are going to open. Just like the Ruby, Valentine, and Mystery’s chest only have the power to drop the joker card. The other chest doesn’t have the power to drop the joker card. When you will complete the town then you have the power to collect the card.

In the starting of three villages, you can get Golden, Wooden, and magical chests. After completing the 20 villages you’ll be able to get Emerald chest after 30 villages get Valentine’s chest after 70 Villages get Saphire chest, and at village 110 you can get Ruby chest.

Card Drop Probability

Here we are going to provide you with the complete table of official probabilities according to Moon Active.

Wooden Chest0%286%48%18%152
Magical Chest0%894.29%99.5%99.5%23.6%0%
Golden Chest0%460.4%77.74%99.5%35.87%5.95%
Saphire Chest0%671.78%79.16%90.49%99.5%38.04%
Emerald Chest0%463.71%56.13%80.69%70.84%27.1%
Mystery Chest10%60.5%98.33%98.33%99.5%99.5%
Ruby Chest1.9%856.2%82.47%97.19%99.5%61.14%
Valentine's Chest4%60.5%98%98%99%99%

What is Coin Master?FAQ’s

It is a single-player free game which is a combination of adventure game and slot machine game. In this game, you have to build your town to complete the level and win the coins. Attack, a raid on other villages make your game more challenging.

How to get Free Spins on Coin Master?

There are many ways to get coins and spins, one of that is got from your friends. Your Facebook friends who also play this game can send you 1 spin every day so if you have 100 friends you can get 100 spins every day.

Unlimited Coins And Spins For Coin Master

How do you Raid in Coin Master?

While you got a chance of raid, the game will send you to the another player’s town and provides you 4 spots marked and 3 shovels. The spots are marked by “X” and you have to dig one of these sporting marks. In each raid, the three spots carry Coins while the other one is empty.

How to Increase Spin in Coin Master?

If you have used your daily spin link but want more then there is a trick to get more. Just log out of your account the Set the time one day forward in the sing device whatever it is mobile or computer. Then open the game and get the spin reward.

What are the Stars for in Coin Master?

Unlimited Spins Coin Master Apk

When you completed any level by building the town and by collecting new cards than the stars used to place players on the Leaderboard and to keep rank.