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Posted By admin On 03/09/21
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  1. Carrom Clash is an easy-to-play multiplayer board game where the goal of the game is to pot all your pieces before your opponent. Now play your favorite game in a new digital form. Play against your friends locally on your device or against our Challenging AI to test your skills.
  2. Carrom Club Wallet Using Via Participate For ₹5 To ₹200 Gaming Contests and Chance to Win Big Amount Paytm Cash 11. Click On “Refer Icon” & Copy Referral Link Than Send A Friend, Family, Any One Person Now.

Put your skills to test with popular games like Carrom, Call Break, Speed Ludo and win real cash! - Instantly withdraw game winnings to your Paytm wallet. Ditch the bots. Jump into real action with real players. Save 20% on entry fee with Rush VIP membership and also get special offers. 24 hours customer service.

It’s been a while since a reviewed a Paytm cash earning game. But finally it’s here. An app where you can earn Paytm cash by playing games.

Rush is a new app that is owned and operated by Hike(the popular that owned India’s messenger app with the same name).

You can create your account on Rush and earn up to ₹75 sign up bonus. The best part is that the bonus is added to your Deposit Wallet. That means you will be able to pay 100% of the contest fee using your sign-up bonus.

Rush by Hike Apk Download

You can follow the steps below to download the Rush game app manually or click the button below to begin the download immediately:

  1. Go to the on your mobile.
  2. Tap Download Rush App.
  3. The download will begin.
  4. If you are on PC, go to the website and enter your mobile number to get the download link.

What is Rush App by Hike?

Rush is an app by Hike. On this app you can win real money by playing games and withdraw your winnings to Paytm wallet.

How To Register on Rush App and Get ₹75

1. Download the app

2. Open the app and create a new account. You can register with your mobile number.

3. On successful registration, you will get ₹15.

4. Now every day you will get ₹6-10. You will need to complete a task to claim the reward.

5. In total, you can get ₹75 as a new user.

How To Win Money By Playing Games on Rush App

1. Select a game.

2. Select a contest you want to play. You can also play practice contest before joining paid ones.

3. Now just play the game.

Currently, there aren’t many games available on the Rush app. So you don’t have a lot of choices.

More Games To Earn Paytm Cash

Rush App Refer and Earn

Currently, there isn’t a refer and earn program on Rush app. So there is no way to share your referral code/link with your friends and earn rewards.

Withdrawal Options

You can withdraw your winnings to Paytm wallet. But before that you must add cash to your account at least once.

What Is TapTap ?

Carrom Club Paytm Cash Apk

Tap Tap is Indian gaming website used by many players to earn Paytm cash by playing simple games. It is a very trusted website. It provides instant payment and fast with roles and also an easy process and good interface. You can add cash in this by using Paytm. This is a new website launched in 2020 . Very few bugs and play gamed with real players in real-time. There are dual matches and tournaments which you can play 24/7 anytime. the most important thing is that it is an Indian website that means it is completely secure. So let’s discuss What is TapTap.

How Register In TapTap

The registration process is very simple first you have to open a browser. Now search, now you will see a signup interface where you need your mobile number and OTP verification. If you sign up by using others link you will get 20 sign up bonuses which is a hundred percent usable in tournaments and dual matches.

Refer And Earn Criteria🤑

In order to refer and earn you just require mobile numbers. create a mail ID then go in reference section then copy your refer paste that URL in another browser and register by using another mobile number. You will get 5 rupees in your main account and we will get 20 sign up bonuses in a new account. That’s it for refer and earn process is very simple. In this way, you can make money then play games.

How To Play Games In TapTap

There are many games in taptap which you can play and earn lots of Paytm cash.all of the games are played 24/7 anytime with continuous tournaments and dual matches with real players. A list of games are given below.


It is a game where you get a small ball and you have to get it up farthest you can take it the most of you make and more chances to win.


In this game you get a spinning lock which you have to take and stop where there is a yellow ball if you stop it it forward or backward your game will end.


Paytm India Apk

in this game, you get an object which you have to press it and it will flip to another it’s all about judgment if you judge it correctly then it will go correctly and you can score high.


It is a very popular game where a bird flies and you have to take it as far as you can in order to score high and win more money.


It is a game where a man is standing above the globe and a globe rotates and you have to jump with the timing in order to stay long.

Free poker for real money


it is also a popular game in tap tap where you can only play care of person punçhes box in your tap without hitting the spikes.


The withdrawal processing tap tap is a very easy and instant withdrawal in Paytm. Minimum redeem in tap tap is only 25 rupees you can redeem up to 100 rupees in a day.the money is transferred instantly in one second in your Paytm wallet this is the main feature of taptap.

Carrom Club Paytm Cash Apk Login


Tap Tap is a very secure and Indian website it is a new website which means it is very good. It gives instant withdraws and twenty-four-seven tournaments and dual battles. There are many videos on Youtube that teach how to play games in a tap tap. If you play any one game properly you can win unlimited Paytm cash. I strongly recommend you use the tap tap website as an earning source.