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SCR888 Malaysia / 918Kiss (APK File) Download Version 2021 ⚡ Supported devices: Latest APP Android & IOS Iphone & PC. Register & Login Account online by Whatsapp 24/7. Get bonus and Free. After you redeem 5 times, your spin will reach the limit. If you want to re-spin, you must topup at least RM10 to regain the chance of spin. This terms is started from 1st September 2019. Credit Can Redeem To Play 918Kiss. Redeem Requirement List. Credit Need Redeem Point; Above is the table showing total credit required to exchange 918Kiss.

918Kiss PC Download Introduction

918Kiss PC Download is the latest feature of 918Kiss. For those online casino players who have played in 918Kiss for long enough, they must have found out that 918Kiss app not only can be played on mobile devices through 918Kiss App but also on any PC. Even though smartphones are the main trend in the digital market now, many players will still search for 918Kiss PC download version. The PC usage nowadays is still extremely important in our daily life despite the introduction of smartphones. Some of the players worry that the 918Kiss features in PC version might be different compared to the mobile version. However, we are here to inform you that you can erase your worry of this issue completely. It is no different at all in terms of the number of games, game-play and the graphics. You can download the PC version for free and create a free account on using PC as well.

So for those who cannot afford a smartphone, worry no more, you can get 918Kiss PC Download for free and start playing it on your PC upon successful registration.

How To Get This Download?

First of all, you need to install a software named Blue Stack. This software will allow you to download and play any Android apps on PC. Basically, it functions as an emulator. After installation of Blue Stack, you can use the software to download 918Kiss Android version to your PC. The 918kiss download and installation steps will be exactly the same as how you install the app on your Android phone.

Why Play 918Kiss In PC

Personally, I always prefer to play 918Kiss app on PC instead of on mobile device. The number of games that I get to play in PC is exactly the same as in mobile device. Furthermore, it does not affect my winning odds in any of the games.

Better Gaming Experience In 918Kiss PC Download

I find out that playing 918Kiss app on PC always gives me a better gaming experience. This is simply because of the screen on PC is much bigger compared to the mobile device screen. It will offer a more comfortable and clear graphics for me. If my PC has a better graphics card, it would even offer a higher quality of gaming graphics in 918Kiss game-play. Besides, the sound system of PC will also provide better sound quality to the game. This will definitely enhance your gaming experience in 918Kiss and make the game-play more engaging.

Easier To Play

Another reason that I like to play 918Kiss in PC is that I can play it by using a mouse and keyboard. For those players which do not have a big screen mobile device, it is difficult for them to use the touchscreen feature to press the game buttons. Hence, it will be easier to press the game buttons by using mouse and keyboard rather than using a bare finger to the touchscreen. Besides, it will reduce the risk of pressing the wrong button which might cause losing the game.

Stable Internet Connection

Your mobile device needs to connect to the internet when you play 918Kiss PC Download. For most of the smartphone users in Malaysia, we always connect our phones to the internet by using telco-data plan. However, there is always an issue on the local telco-data plan which is the internet connection can be unstable at times. You will be extremely frustrated when you are unable to continue the game due to lost of online connection on your mobile device, especially when you are in the winning streaks. Hence, I prefer to play the game on PC where it offers a more stable internet connection.

Gaming & MultiTask At The Same Time

Some players actually like to multitask while playing 918Kiss. You can definitely achieve this by playing the app on your PC. As you can open multiple tabs on your PC to carry on other activities such as surfing Facebook, movie streaming, download music and others while playing in 918Kiss PC Download.

918kiss Free Rm10 Video

918Kiss Free Credit

You will still able to get the welcome bonus from 918Kiss if you register your account by using PC. Besides, you will still get to enjoy all kinds of free credits in 918Kiss in the PC version. So you will not experience any disadvantages when you play the 918Kiss PC version.

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How To Claim 918Kiss Free Credit Without Any Deposit

With the increasing popularity of Online casino over the years, online casino players are growing more and more and are showing no signs of slowing down. Online casino can be played almost anywhere as long as WIFI access is available, not to mentioned the high return rate and fast cash you can earn from winning jackpot. But nobody like to deposit their hard earn money inside the game, which is why it is important to be aware of ways to claim free 918kiss credit online.

Today we will be listing all of the free credit you can claim while playing Mega888 [Some require deposit]

Welcome Bonus :

You can claim up to 150% 918kiss welcome bonus just by registering an account, you can register an account by clicking the button below or check out how to register a 918kiss account here. The table below shows the details for applying welcome bonus.

Here are the terms of applying welcome bonus :

  • Each member can only claim up to MYR 225 as the maximum amount of welcome bonus
  • Welcome Bonus is valid only on the 1st 30 days of account registration
  • Bonus funds will be credited to your chosen provider wallet after successful fund transfer
  • All customer offers are limited to one per person. Meaning one per family, household address, IP address
  • Any individual / team / organization suspected of using dishonest means or fraud for the purpose to cheat/ abuse of bonus, once verified,918kiss reserves the right to freeze the relevant account profits and balances

Bonus Play Conditions: Members are required to fulfil a 10x winover [(Deposit + Bonus) * 10x] in order to transfer or withdraw. Promotion particulars are as illustrated below:


Bonus (150%)

Win Amount

Coin Village Building. Villages serve as the “levels” in Coin Master.

[MYR 50


MYR 75]


= MYR 1250

[MYR 800


MYR 1200]


= MYR 20,000

918kiss Free Rm10

Perfect Attendance Bonus :

Perfect attendance bonus is another way you can get free credits for 918kiss. Just login and bet for MYR800 daily for 7 consecutive days a week and you will get a MYR88 bonus. Members are also required to fulfil a 1x Turnover of [Bonus * 1x] in order to transfer or withdraw. Promotion particulars are as illustrated below

918kiss Free Rm10 Font

Here are the terms of applying perfect attendance bonus :

  • Members are required to achieve a Daily Valid Bet of MYR 800 for 7 consecutive days a week
  • Bonus will be credited to the main wallet every Monday at 20:00
  • All slots played in 918kiss will be calculated into daily valid bet
  • All customer offers are limited to one per person. Meaning one per family, household address, IP address
  • Members are required to fulfil a 1x Turnover of [Bonus * 1x] in order to transfer or withdraw

5% Unlimited Reload Bonus :

918kiss free rm10 font

You can claim 5% unlimited bonus every time you deposit 918kiss credit. But members are required to fulfil a 5x turnover [(Deposit + Bonus) * 5x] in order to transfer or withdraw. Promotion particulars are as illustrated below:

Example of Requirement Turnover
Deposit (MYR 2,000) + Bonus (MYR 100) = MYR 2,100
Requirement Turnover = MYR 2,100 x 5
= MYR 10,500

Here are the terms of applying unlimited reload bonus :

  • Promotion can be applied unlimited times from Monday to Friday.
  • Only Valid when member deposit/transfer a minimum amount of MYR 50 to 918kiss slots wallet
  • Each person can claim up to a maximum amount of MYR100 reload bonus each time
  • Any bets resulting in void, tie, cancelled, or made on opposite sides with the same outcome will not be counted as a valid turnover

918kiss Free Rm10 Download

Birthday Month Bonus :

Celebrate your birthday with 918kiss by using 918kiss birthday month bonus, this promotion is only valid during the member’s birthday month and every member will only be entitled to claim this bonus once a year. Details as shown on the table below.

Here are the terms of applying daily reload bonus :

  • Personal details are required for verification
  • Once identity successfully verified, customer service will proceed with the promo to your preferred wallet
  • Promotion is applicable at any time during the birthday month subject to fulfil minimum 10 deposit on latest 3 months deposit count
  • Bonus funds will be credited to the selected wallet after successful verification
  • Contact customer support in order apply this promotion, you can contact customer support at the right side bottom corner or contact customer support here

Claim The Bonus Now At 918KISS!


918kiss is grateful for all the supports given from our loyal members throughout all these years and wish to return this small favor as a token of gratitude. Please expect more free credits and promotion in the future, We will not stop in giving more excitement to our members. Download 918kiss today by clicking the red button below!

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